Sunday, October 26, 2008

4 Score and 7 Years Ago...

I think that's how long ago both our dad's were born.

Okay, so it may not have been that that long, but it was a while ago.

October 10th was Wes' dad, Fred's 62nd b-day. Actually, Fred and Sandie celebrated by leaving the rest of the family to take a nice long weekend trip to St. George. The following Sunday however, we celebrated by having a family dinner, presents, and delicious apple crisp. Surprise, surprise all the presents Fred received were golfing gift certificates.

I don't have any photos from this year, but this is a photo from last year.

As Fred always says, "I am the oldest living person you'll ever meet." (Still don't know how he explains his living mother)???

October 25th was my dad's 53rd birthday. So, me, Wes, Heidi, Ned, their kids, and my mom and dad met at the new BJ's in Chino to celebrate. Hayley dropped in for a while, and Danny, Sarah and family were in Vegas for a wedding. It was a great lunch. Today, Sunday, we celebrated with the whole group at the hotel my parents are staying in, until they move into their new house. We all ate bbq, and hung out in the lobby area. It was surprisingly cozy and worked really well for a group of our size. (All the kids, in-laws and grandchildren- 15 total).

Dad getting some birthday lovin' from Ella.

By the time the waitress brought the birthday pizzokie, everyone but myself and my dad had excused themselves to the restroom, so we had our own small birthday song and celebration. Basically, my singing "happy" and him blowing out the candles saying, "Ok, it's done."

The BJ's group... small comparatively.

Yes, when you marry into a big family, and come from a big family, their is never a shortage for reasons to celebrate!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Fun

So, Wes and I really enjoy Halloween. Since we have been married we have had so much fun trying to outdo ourselves each year... whether or not we succeed is debatable. So, before I show our Halloween costumes from this year, I thought I would show off our last years costumes.

2006: Jack and a Big Mac (only because I couldn't find a good jumbo jack costume). This one is a personal favorite of mine, because its been the only year I wasn't stuck with an itchy wig and mustache.

2007: Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez. Yes, that is me as Pedro. I know, I am an attractive man. :) Erie how much Wes looks like Napoleon isn't it?

2008: We decided to go as a super team. The Super Mario Brothers. Again, I get to sport a black wig and mustache. Not so attractive this year though. :) We had so much fun putting this ensemble together.

Luckily, we already had a chance to sport the new costumes at Jill and Paul Duncan's super fun "bunco boo party." We had 4 tables of players, all of whom came decked out for the fun and festivities. Wes and I even won a sweet trophy for best costumes. Overall, we had such a fun time and look forward to more Halloween fun this season!!!

Here are some of the other great costumes of the night.

This is us with our boxes, you know from the Super Mario games, when you bust open the boxes and are awarded different items to help.

The girls, Ashleigh, Shannon and Lindsay, surprised Wes and I with their costumes. Lindsay and Shannon came down to California very last minute; so Saturday, they came up with these costumes and decided to join our team. Very clever and very fun.

The hosts of the evenings events: Jill and Paul... or should I say Satan and Indiana Jones.

Holly and Spencer who came as Crayolas... I loved their costumes!

The Lone Ranger, a friend of Holly and Spencer.

These two are friends of Jill and Paul's from their ward. They were the big bad wolf, and little red riding hood. (Except apparently in their version, little red didn't get off so easily, ouch!)

Ryan and Taryn came as Nacho Libre and Encarnacion... from the movie Nacho Libre. Way to be a good sport Ryan! :)

Krista and Garrett came as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, notice all the babies. :)

Just one more of us and our entourage.

This is us accepting our super cool trophy!

Thanks again for such a fun party Jill and Paul!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch

First things first...

Saturday we had a very fun filled day. We met my family at the Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch for a fun, sweltering hot, fall day.

We love the pumpkin patch here, because it is basically the Disneyland of patches.

There are thousands of pumpkins to choose from and they ALL cost $2-$4 dollars. Can't beat that.

On top of that, the patch has a petting zoo, pony rides, a jump house, mechanical bulls, all the delicious fair food you can want, and a farmer's market. Bands were playing, and I am positive there is even more than what I saw, but it was pretty crowded and hot, and after a while, with all the kids, we were ready to leave.

But, what a fun day!

Wes showing off his sweet find.

Yeah, they asked me to take the picture, what more can I say? :)

Luckily, these babies made toting 5 kids plus pumpkins around, a little easier.

What most of my photos turned out like trying to take a picture of the kids.

We did get a good one though...

Taking a photo of Wes and me was a little easier.

Ella pointing out the next fun thing to do with, "her uncle Wessy."

Later that evening, Wes and I attended our first Halloween party of the season, a treat we look forward to every year. At said party, we were awarded best costumes of the night, but you'll have to wait for my next post to see what that entails! :) Consider this my teaser.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, It's Final

My parents officially left their beautiful Chino Hills house as of yesterday. With my dad very near to retirement, and my mom hoping to follow suit, they decided to take advantage of the great buyers market and sale their old property (at a profit thanks to their fantastic realtor :) and are buying a house of the same size for half the cost. Escrow closed yesterday on their old house, and we are just waiting for escrow to close on their new property in Riverside. So long fair Country Creek, hello Riverside. It's all very exciting!

The old house.

Well sure miss the great backyard and fun pool parties, but...

We look forward to fun in the new house, and...

The endless possibilities with the 30,000 sq. ft backyard!!! It's fantastic.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One More Thought

More of "this" if prop 8 doesn't pass. YIKES!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This was taken at my sister Heidi's baby shower by our good family friends, the Newmans. I liked the picture, but love my sisters! :)

Photo Tag

This is a fun tag! Kind of random, but fun.What you do is go to your picture files...
open your 4th folder... open your 4th picture, and that is the one you post!
Because it doesn't require paragraphs of writing I thought I would do it.
Wes preparing a delicios salad... what a fantastic hubby!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prop 8

So, as everyone else has been posting reasons to vote YES ON PROP 8 on their blogs for this oncoming election, I had a realization, and thought I would share.

While, I agree with every one's reasons and their well thought out arguments in regards to this proposition, I thought I would post what in my opinion is the most important argument of all. Which is... the prophet has asked us and made it a very important thing for ALL members to do.

Whether or not you are a political person, or really care, isn't it enough that the prophet of the Lord has asked us to make this our responsibility and help?

We have all heard the many hypothetical questions concerning our convictions and belief in the prophet. Would we be like Nephi, or the pioneers and leave all our comforts, friends, homes, etc. to listen to the prophet if we are asked to leave for any reason?

Well, gee, we have it much easier. All the prophet has asked us to do at this point is share the message, and leave our homes for 1 single hour to vote for a very important issue.

If you have any conviction or belief in the doctrines of the plan of salvation, or eternal families, this in and of itself should be an important enough reason to vote. But, if you don't, do what we tell our primary children to do, and follow the prophet!!!

Vote YES on prop 8!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Have you ever had 1 decision that was incredibly hard to make, but once you did it felt so right you couldn't figure out why you hadn't done it earlier?

Well, about 2 weeks ago, Wes quit his job to join me in the real estate field. While, he hadn't planned on doing it the day he did, we had been talking about it for quite some time.

Once he did, it was a little scary. Well, of course we prayed and talked a lot about it, and we both had this strong feeling of peace, gratitude, happiness, and assurance.

Since then, it has felt like work has just taken off!!! We helped my parents sale and buy a new house. We have another listing in Desert Hot Springs, one in escrow in Corona, and a lot of very interested buyers. I mean lately we haven't even been able to get out of the office until about 7:00 each night; there is just always soooo much to do... we love it!

So, basically, I am writing this post to welcome the world to the newest real estate team out there. We like to call ourselves...
April and Wes
Jorgenson Properties