Monday, September 22, 2008

Girls Weekend at Green Valley Lake... Take 2

Every year the women in my family get together for a day, or weekend just to have quality time together. Last year we all went up to a cabin at Green Valley Lake, near Arrowhead; Unfortunately, as many probably remember that this specific area burned big time last year. And, fortunately for us, that was the same weekend we went on our trip (sarcasm). So, our 2007 Girls Weekend, turned into a day evacuation. Yes, we were able to spend one night, but were quickly forced to evacuate the next afternoon. Needless to say it was a trip we will never forget. So, this year, we thought we would make up for lost time and head back up to finish a full weekend... and this year we had no evacuations and had a BLAST!!!

Here is the cabin we stay in, and some photos from last years shortened trip. The cabin is fantastic and very affordable. It belongs to the mom of one of Danny's friends.

These photos were actually taken this year, but show the damage of last years fire. The sunflower is growing down the road from the cabin we stay in. It is located on a lot with no house... it was burned down last year. So many cabins are gone this year, it was such a sad sight.

If you look closely, you can see the smoke billowing in the background.

The smoke slowly going up, up, up. We watched it for a long time in awe!

This year however, the weather was just lovely. We spent lots of time on the water, and taking walks around the nearby lake. It was just splendid!

The paddle boats were a crack up. We had so much fun on them. The poor person in the middle looked pretty ridiculous attempting to paddle, which is why we are crackin' up in the majority of the photos.

This is Sarah and I mingling with the locals. :)

One of the reasons we go up to the cabin is to work on our crafts. I worked on a quilt I am making for Weston B., my mom sewed an apron, Sarah and Heidi made some bows for the girl's hair, and Hayley scrap booked.

Heidi and Sarah had to leave Saturday afternoon due to church callings and young children at home. So, my mom, Hayley and myself headed up to Arrowhead village Saturday evening and enjoyed the scenery. It was very chilly, but the weather was a nice change. We shopped, ate and enjoyed October fest, which was going on in the village at this time!!!

Forgive the lack of make-up... it was a girls weekend you know.

Also, I have to comment that my cool sweater was only being worn because it was in the bag of fabric for my quilt and I didn't use it. Heidi forgot her sweater so she was using mine. Thankfully Wes had an old golf sweater in the fabric bag that I could use.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall Is Just About Here...

I have been loving the new cooler weather as of late. I love this season and am looking forward to the upcoming months.

Yeah for FALL!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Ago Today...

September 11, 2001 is an infamous day that will go down in history.

I remember driving home from seminary, and these were the days I never listened to talk radio, and I kept hearing fragments about an explosion or something being briefly talked about by the DJs I listened to regularly. They had a very serious tone, but I had no idea what was going on. I was a sophomore in high school. It wasn't until I got to school and everybody was talking about something with terrorism and New York that I realized something big had happened. I specifically remember sitting in my math, English, and history classes and watching brief news clips explaining what had happened. In honesty, I don't think I really understood what a travesty it was. Then, I started seeing all the names of people who were killed, and hearing the heroic tales of those that gave their lives to help others- then it hit me. September 11, 2001 is a day I will never forget!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do You Like To Read???

I am looking for a good book/series... other than the Twilight series. I feel I now must vent, which was not my original intention with this post.

I am sorry ladies (and some gentlemen) but I do not see the big fuss or appeal to those books. When I was a freshmen or sophomore in high school, I could have perhaps seen myself become very interested in them; but I read Twilight recently and I felt like I reverted back to being a teenager.

I am not totally opposed to these books, as I myself will more than likely finish the series, so as to give a true judgement. Besides, Twilight was an easy read I must admit, and for the most part kept me entertained, though not enraptured.

But, I must say, how do people find Edward attractive. Did you not read his physical description??? He has reddish hair, purple circles under orange eyes, he is pretty skinny with pasty white skin. I mean, he doesn't sound like any Brad Pitt to me. I mean I get he is written to be considered the perfect man, but it is soooo unrealistic, almost silly. Wes thinks it is the whole chick flick thing but in literature. A woman writes about the man she would like, giving other women unrealistic expectations, pretty unfair to men who are just wired differently than we are for the most part. But, to each his own. And, I have heard rumor of team Jacob vs. team Edward. Um, isn't Jacob 15. Micheal Jackson might be interested... he is a little boy.

So, not to diss all you lovers, as I acknowledge I am in the minority here. But, please give me some different feedback as to a good book to read. :)

Also, the easiest way in my humble opinion to share good literature, or fun books from the past is on I love it!

And, I am expecting many offended readers... and I look forward to your arguments! :) he he he

Such a Fun Night!!!

Well, Wes and I had such a fun weekend. However, it didn't start out that way.

Friday, Wes and I headed out to the Dodgers game... you know the Doyers.

Well, we left our house right around 5, and the game didn't start until 7:05, so we gave ourselves plenty of time, plus we needed to get some cash, IE: 44 oz.'s, and do one more errand before we left.

Well, we were in L.A. and stuck in a little bit of traffic and I head to pee really bad. So we pulled off so I could go. Anyone who knows L.A. also knows the on-ramp/off-ramps there are retarded, so it took us like 20 min. to figure out how to get back on the freeway. (My bad mood started, partially because I felt bad about forcing Wes to stop).

But, we continued on. Hitting yet more traffic, and having no idea how long it was going to take before we reached the exit.

7:00 pm rolls around and we roll on to Hwy 1. Yes, we are staring at the beach, we had obviously gone too far. Wes must have written down the wrong directions, or mapquest screwed us up, it has a tendency to do so. So, we called Fred and turned around. He gave us the right directions and we were back on our way. The only problem now was that we were about 20 min. away, but there was terrible traffic.

Good ole' L.A. traffic.

7:45 and we exit the freeway. By this point I am in a seriously grumpy mood, and am therefore getting Wes in a bad mood. Plus, I had finished my big gulp about an hour and a half ago and have to pee bad, again.

We pull up to the parking area and are shocked to see that parking is $15 dollars. What kinda sick joke is this!!! Of course we only have $13 and are not about to turn around and find an ATM. We ask the girl if they accept cards, nope. So she brings another 17 year old over, who is supposedly in charge. He tells us we have to go get cash. Wes and I both start freaking out, and they let us in $2 short. That's how we do.

So, at this point I am moments away from peeing my pants, and Wes is sprinting in... very annoying how long his legs are comparatively... well, not even comparatively.

Well, I should explain. The reason we were going to the game at all is because my good friend Rick from college works in the V.I.P. section and got me 2 free tickets. So, Wes and I go to will call to pick our tickets up. I walk to the window and give them my name and i.d. While I was doing that this older man, with gray hair, petite frame, fancy clothes, almost gay looking, but with a bomb shell, fake racked woman walks up to the window right next to me. I actually bumped into him with my elbow. Anyways, Wes hears him say, "2 tickets for Michael Keaton." Wes thinks, well that's funny he has the same name as Michael Keaton. He is staring at him, the man looks at him and makes eye contact, but looks away. Then Wes realizes it is the real Michael Keaton... aka Batman. He walks away, I am still waiting for my tickets. Wes points him out and after me staring for a while I realize he is right. I commented on this with the ticket lady, who was very excited to have given him his tickets too.

Batman #1

Michael Keaton was also in: Cars, Herbie, Jack Frost, Multiplicity, Much Ado About Nothing, Beetle Juice, Mr. Mom, etc.

We then proceed inside the stadium and meet up with my friend Rick. We (no longer grumpy at all) explain who we just saw. He explains that with his job he meets celebrities all the time. Like, Tom Hanks, Vince Vaughn, Chris Klein, etc. He walks us over to this V.I.P. restaurant guarded by 2 guys at every door, that serves all you can eat dodger dogs, salads, steaks, potatoes, drinks, etc. We felt soooo ritzy!!! We basically hung out in there the whole time. We were loving it! Wes loved watching Andre Ethier almost hit for the cycle... he had to call friends and family and talk about it all night. :)

Feeling at this point giddy just with the whole night, I walk back over to the door to thank my friend again. I give him a friendly punch in the arm and tell him how "cool" I feel. Just at that awkward moment who would come up... oh, Chris Klein. He shook my friends hand, and calling him by name, told him how nice it was to see him again. Being that I was standing right next to Rick and watching the entire exchange, he looked over at me and asked, "How's it going?" I smiled and said, "good," with a kinda cheesy tone, the whole thing made me feel, oh about 5 years old. :) But it was sure funny.

Remember he was engaged to Katie Holmes.

Hi, my name is Chris Klein, you might remember me from films such as: American Dreamz, Just Friends, American Pie (1 & 2), Here on Earth, and Election.

So, I casually walked back to my table as he walked back to the bar, and I pointed him out to
Wes. I am always one to get stars photos/autographs, because I figure I'll never see them again, and even if I did, they would never remember anyway. But, at the same time, I don't wanna be a pest about it. So, I determined that if he walked back by, I would have Wes take our photo. :)

As irony would have it though, he did in fact walk by, just as Wes was serving himself some soft serve ice cream, so I missed my chance.

Anywho, Wes and I enjoyed most of the rest of the game holed up in our little restaurant. We did go out to some seats in front of the restaurant for the bottom of the 8th, and all of the 9th inning. And, were very very entertained watching the paper airplanes everyone in the section above us made out of their Dodgers posters, which had been given out at the beginning of the game. In fact, I would say the majority of the crowd got more pleasure out of watching these diving beauties. They would soar out only to dive into the top of some poor saps head below them. One even made it all the way out to the outfield and had to be redeemed by a sides man... who felt pretty sheepish being laughed at as he failed to pull it out of the grass on his first attempt.

As the game neared the end, my friend Rick texted me to come back in after the game and hang out until traffic died down a bit. So, we did. Here, again luck was in my favor. Wes and I were sitting at a seat remembering all the fun times we had had that night when who reentered the restaurant-none other than ole' Chris... (we were now on a first name basis since I had spoken to him. :)

Well, I prepared myself and determinedly asked if he would mind taking a photo with me. He said he would in just 1 minute, his friend then added they really had to use the restroom. Well, Chris walked over set his drink down, and pointed his friend to the bathroom and made his way back to me. I said something to him along the lines of, "I kicked myself earlier for not saying anything to you, I didn't realize it was you until after you had left." He responded with, "Oh, you don't have to kick yourself," kinda joking around... so I forced a laugh. After the picture he turned and asked me my name, and gave me a double handshake. You know, when you shake a persons hand and wrap the other one over the top of it. He was soooooo nice. He smiled and looked me in the eye. I decided that I would change my personal mosaic celebrity crush to him. Wes even said that if he was allowed 1 man crush, Chris was his man. Seriously though, nicest guy ever!

The double hand handshake.

Shortly after, we left and began the long but fun walk back to the car... in a great mood. We are also glad Ryan and Taryn live so close by because we were able to spend the night at their house afterwards, and Wes and Ryan continued the fun night with lots of stories from their high school days.

Did I mention yet that we had such a fun night.

Me and my BFFs. (and yes, we did plan on wearing our matching hats). :)

Enjoying the game, and our food.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disneyland with the Bladhs

-A few weeks ago Wes and I went to Disneyland with our good friends Caleb and Lisa Bladh.

-They introduced us to Toy Story... which is now our favorite!

-We took a brake during the middle of our trip to head down Katella and enjoy some delicious Red Robin! Yum

-We came back and went to Disneyland and went on some fun rides... Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Buzz, Indiana Jones, The Carousel, etc.

-We had A LOT of fun, and can't wait to go back! :)

-Thanks for the invite guys.

On the Carousel we each had to reenact the horse we were riding, thus the ridiculous faces.

My own lil' Indiana Jones.

Escaping one risky adventure!

Toy Story MANIA... it's 4D!