Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dance Festival

Friday and Saturday were the long anticipated days of the final production of our stake's (and 20 other's) dance festival!

Being that I was the 2nd counselor in the young women's program, I had been given the job of teaching our building's (3 wards) beehive dance. I was so lucky to have the sweetest, best listeners in my group. They worked so hard, and did a GREAT job!!!

These girls, and boys, of all ages have been practicing every week, and recently it seemed like everyday to get the dances down. Not to mention the dedicated leaders that put so much time into the festival out of the goodness of their hearts...thanks Robyn!

And by Friday night, it all paid off. The dance festival was so cute and we are so glad we went. Every dance may not have been absolutely perfect (at times balls, hats, crowns, shoes would fly around the grass) but, there certainly was a sweet spirit about the whole program!

Before we went to the actual dance festival, we went to a de-licious BBQ restaurant called "Slim Piggins" with my parents, my sister Heidi, her husband and daughter Ned and Ella, my brother Danny, his wife and son Sarah and Carter, Sarah's parents and brother Eric, and my mom's friend Joni. The food was soooo good, and there was cute little PIGGIE decorations everywhere. I highly recommend it! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just Another Natural Disaster

So, I bet most of you remember our little tornado incident a few months ago... if not take a look at May's post on the blog.

Well, today was not quite as eventful, but we had a nice little earthquake. It happened at about 11:45 a.m. I was sitting at the computer when it hit. The first one was small so I just waited for it to stop shaking. The second hit seconds afterwards and was a little longer and shook a little harder, so I dropped underneath our nice BIG corner desk. Needless to say it was very exciting and I felt relatively safe. I called Wes first to make sure he was ok, and he had a nice laugh at my being under a desk. I then proceeded to look up where the earthquake occurred and saw it was less than 2 miles away from my parents, and was a 5.4-5.8 magnitude. I started to worry for my family at home. Luckily, I got through and spoke to my spooked sister, but heard that other than a few displaced wall hangings and pool overflow they were all alright.

If you felt it I recommend that you go to:
and click on "Did you feel it?"

It is your opportunity to do a little geological survey. It discusses where you felt it and how hard as well as the damage. That way they get actual accounts of the event. (I learned about this in my Natural Disaster class at Cal State... too bad I am still totally unprepared if a major disaster really did occur).

Gotta Love good ole' California!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

Since it is the 24th of July, which in Utah is a big day for celebration -Pioneer Day- I thought I would post my Independence Day (4th of July) happenings, FINALLY.

In the Aleman household it is a tradition to go to Salt Creek Beach for our festivities. 4th of July is like a family reunion for Sandie's family and we all meet at the beach. Sandie's cousin Craig gets to the beach to reserve "our spot" at 3:30 a.m. :( yikes, huh... so like I said tradition, and dedication. But, it's a whole lotta fun. We eat... a lot. The boys play pick-up basketball, and like this year, dominate. The boys and myself play in the water, this year the waves were monsters and most of us lasted about 10 minutes in them... Wes and I both thought we were going to just about die riding the waves. Even his brothers came out both with their own unique, and terrifying experiences And, best of all we all hang out and catch up with family we haven't seen for a year- sometimes more. Patrick this year took "The Alemans" to a pizone place he loves that was near where he used to live in Dana Point. And, I'll tell you what, they were ga-ood.

After the beach we came home and met my family at Heidi and Ned's apartment for fireworks. Growing up we would always go the Westwind, which had the COOLEST fair every on the 4th of July. I would always win the watermelon eating contest against the big boys (that's what happens when you have a mouth this size... please recall in 4th grade my orthodontist did have to use the men's size mould for my retainers because the women's sizes didn't reach my back teeth, I would always gag during the moulding process). Unfortunately, the family said the fair at Westwind just isn't what it used to be. (Gosh, talking about Westwind Park brings back memories, but that will have to wait for another post).

So, me, Wes, Heidi, Ned, Ella, Danny, Sarah, Carter, Claire, my cuz. Louise, Alfie, Alaina, and my mama all walked over to the golf course, and picked out the perfect spot for the fireworks. We were relatively alone at our spot, the kids were able to run around and play with their glow sticks, and the view we had of the firework show was impeccable.


You'll have to excuse my lack of photos, again I forgot to actually use the camera I brought with me.

Heidi was good enough to send me some of hers- and I stole some from Danny, and Jaime. :)

The Aleman Clan

Rachel (Shaun's girlfriend) and Brinley



Wes and I celebrating our independence.

Carter and Claire

Ella, "the natural raver"

The kids showing off their "new eyes"

Baby Claire lookin very sleepy

The life of a mother of 2

Louise, baby Lafe, Alfie, Alaina, and newly adopted son Carter
(Louise's husband is serving in the army in Afghanistan)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What The...

So today Wes and I had a weird experience.

Saturday morning:
Wes playing video games... (COD4)
April folding laundry.

April- "After this game I need you to take your pile to your room."
Wes- "Okay. I will as soon as this game is done... wait a minute, what did you just say, mom?" (sarcastic).

Weird huh. Much laughing and weird Freud jokes were tossed about after this experience.

Can someone please tell me why we are reverting to a mother-son relationship, because it's freaking us out. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Dog on the Blog

I SWEAR I AM NOT A CRAZY DOG-MOTHER. SERIOUSLY, BUT... This new dog is driving me nuts. I feel like there is a brand new baby in the house.

For the first few days everything was fine, but now my new dog thinks he is a cat and I can't handle it.

3 days ago.
I went out in the morning to feed the dogs, only to find 1 dog. Snoop was gone but Kiki was there. I had no idea how he had gotten out. But, I found him in the front.

2 days ago.
Wes and I were awoken by the sounds of Kiki barking and Snoop whining and howling. We went out to see what happened and Kiki was out back and Snoop wasn't... again. He was in the neighbors back yard. We figured out he knows how to climb fences and had somehow climbed ours and ended up, unhappily I might add, in the neighbors yard.

Same story, only this is what we found.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That is a dog walking on the top of our fence. At 6:15 am Wes had to go rescue our dog off the top of the fence.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Best Purchase Ever

In 2005 I did a study abroad program for 2.5 months in London.

Because I had been to Prague in 2003 (totally different place) I felt hesitant to bring a purse or anything else that could have things stolen out of it. My dad in Italy was pick pocketed on a bus midday, and I had been warned to keep valuables close to me. Therefore, I didn't bring any purse with me- just a big bulky back pack for school.

Therefore, while I was there, I realized I really needed something small I could take with me, and keep close at all times.

I went to a tiny store in the Portabello market and there made the best purchase I think I have ever made. I bought a small, multi-colored purse for like $3 American dollars.

I swear I have received more compliments from both men and women on this simple purse than any expensive item I have ever purchased.

Long live the purse!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Deal or No Deal

So Wes and I received a call from Wes' dad about 2 weeks ago informing us that Deal or No Deal was holding open call casting out in Tustin. He called us the night before, but we had already made BIG plans (movie hopping) for Saturday. We are on this new kick to do just about ANYTHING to make some (or save) money :).

Well, Saturday we had plans to go to the big dance festival rehearsal for our stake and I think 9 others. But, somehow, our alarm got reset and we totally slept in. So, I was on the Internet and decided to see if Deal or No Deal was holding auditions anywhere else that week, and they were... out in Indio California. So, we strapped on our "cute/handsome" ensembles and headed out with very low expectations of getting on, but high hopes of having a good time trying.

Well, miraculously, we both made it through the audition process and both got a date for a second audition.

I had mine yesterday and it went really well, and was a whole lotta fun; though there is still no guarantee of me making it into the show... and Wes' 2nd audition is at the end of the month. So at this point we are SUPER excited and kinda shocked!

Thanks again to my supporters, mom, dad, Ashleigh, and especially Wessy-Pooh!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Call Me a Sucker

Because that's exactly what I am.

The story goes something like this...

Monday I took my dog Kiki on our daily jog/walk. Well, in the past month or so we've seen this other black lab around,and he appears to be just around Kiki's age. Usually he would hide from us and Kiki would try to pull me towards him, but I would resist her urges and we would continue--- while he would longingly watch us walk away. Well, on this particular day, I was feeling a little sluggish and he was looking particularly cute, so I decided I would allow curious little Kiki a moment to sniff and play with the lil' doggie.

We were just blocks from the house and as I started to pull Kiki away he hesitantly jogged after her- he was a little scared of me and he walks with a little limp. As it turned out he followed us all the way home and sat on our front porch as I put Kiki in the back for some water.

I had no other choice but to bring him back and water and feed him. I went back to the house he was in front of and knocked on the door. No answer. I put a note (both in English and Spanish) with my number and asked them to call if they knew anyone who was missing a black dog. -No call back.

Therefore, we now have a new dog in the back. We've named him Snoop... (you know, Snoop Doggie Dog--- I mean he is a black male dog right???)

So... I am a sucker. But, I have heard no complaint from Wes either, so we might as well be the lolly pop guild.

Snoop loves to get wet in the water bowl, then lay in the hole he dug for himself, so he is always muddy.

They are so funny... like little kids together. What's super funny, is when I give them treats, if one lays the other sits, if the same one sits then the other lays down.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vacation Pictures... Finally

So, I was terrible taking pictures on our trip to Zion. I think I have 5 pictures from the whole week we were gone- but, my family was good enough to give me their pictures... except for Hayley and Adam, but I'll get them too soon enough.

I am just going to do a slide show because there are so many.

Main vacation happenings: -HOT!!! Everyday was well over 100 degrees in the sun, and the sun stayed out oh until 9:30 p.m. -Seeing Indiana Jones, finally. -The Narrows (the most fun hike I have ever done). -Sleeping directly under the stars. -Seeing the largest dog I've ever seen (a Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler mix--- over 250lbs). -Eating ice cream on the grass in front of the lodge. - jumping of boulders into the icy river. -Carter obsessing over Ryan's "Camel back". -Claire eating massive amounts of dirt whenever her food fell out of her hands. -Ella's heat exhaustion. -Crazy German lady following the cute kids around and taking their pictures. -Eating some good pizza in town.

Needless to say, vacation was a lot of fun!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays Galore

Well, I guess when you have a total of 13 brothers and sisters (not counting bf/gfs that seem like fam.), plus 8 nieces and nephews (with 2 more on the way), plus parents and a spouse all in one family, there just always seems to be a birthday or 10. Like the month of April, the months of June and July are incredibly busy with lots and lots and lots of birthdays.

First is Wes' sister Jaime's birthday: June 12 (32 years old)

We watched their kids for them so they could go to dinner with Sandie and Fred for her birthday. Matt and Jaime also got tickets to see Wicked in LA for her birthday.

Watching Tyler and Brin

Next came our niece Brinley's birthday: June 23 (3 years old)

She had a fun princess party.

Her uncles helping her play with the pug puppy. (Patrick, Wes and Shaun)

And, her Princess dress and pirate face (girl loves junk food!)

Sarah (sis -in-law) birthday: June 26th (27 years old)

We threw her a very VERY small surprise birthday party in Zion. Heidi and Ned brought up some decorations and we set them up while Sarah was walking the recycling up to the cans. Danny also surprised her with a lunch at an Indian restaurant with all of her friends. I watched the kids for them. :)

Ashleigh (Wes' sister) had her birthday next: June 28 (28 years old)

We celebrated by going to Outback Steakhouse w/ the whole fam. afterwards we went to L.A. to go see the show at the Griffith Observatory (it was so much fun, and a perfect night to be down there).

For her birthday, which was June 28, 2008, Sandie also had practically EVERYONE Ashleigh knew send a card and 28 "somethings" along... i.e.: candy, money, pieces of gum, etc. This is a picture of Ashleigh and fam. deciphering 28 note cards with a note from their Uncle Kent, Aunt Kari, and fam.

My mom celebrated the last years in her 40s next: July 1 (49 years old)

The fam. met at P.F. Changs and then walked around the Shoppes of Chino Hills for some Pink Berry and music after dinner.

Our bro-in-law Matt will celebrate his birthday on: July 15 (32 years old)