Thursday, May 29, 2008

Everybody's Working for Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday I went out with Wes to Victorville so that he could finish a few jobs he was working on. One house, which was a big ole mess, was located right next to a house of llamas. Yes, llamas. They were very scary and very cute all at the same time.

That night was "the big fight." Danny got Wes, Ned, and my dad really addicted to MMA fights. (see Danny's if you are interested in finding out results, fighters, etc). :) Well, whenever the boys go to the fights, the girls make it a habit to turn the night into a girls (and kids) night out. Saturday, the girls (except Heidi) went to "Happy Donalds" as the boys call it. Afterwards, we walked over to the new Dippin Dots ice cream store to enjoy the savory ice-cream of the future. These always remind me of Summer time at Raging Waters.

Bah Dah dah da duh...

After gorging ourselves, we went back to mis madres house and watched Hairspray, the movie not an aerosal can.

It was a super cute movie, and a very fun night.

Memorial day, was a very laid back day.

Wes golfed the morning away with a gang of guys. I believe he said about 10 men showed up... so obviously they had to be separated into 2 groups.

While he was off doing that, my mom and I were taking my cousin Chrissy, and her new husband Jared to the airport. They were married on Thursday the 15th. They had a honeymoon cruise that sailed out of Long Beach, so they had been in California, and were returning to Utah to start their new life.

Being we had been out so early, after dropping them off, my mom and I, headed to Starbucks... we had been jonesin. She got the chocolate chip drink, and I got the Vanilla Bean. Um, they are sooooo good!

Later in the day the two of us went over to Duckie Park to take my graduation pictures for my announcement... photos will be up soon.

Then we went to Target and Old Navy to do a little girl bonding time... and I had a gift card.

And, with our Calendar coupons, we stopped off at Chik-Fil-A, for some FREE sandwiches. Gotta love coupons!!! :)

It was a fun day, and it only got better!

After ALL this, yes days seem longer when you actually wake up at a decent hour, we went back to my parents, where Wes met up with us. We had been talking about going to Pink Berry, since there is a new one at the new Shoppes of Chino Hills, which just had its grand opening. When I say "we" I am referring to myself, Wes, my mama, Hayley and Ryan. My dad had been on a long motorcycle ride in New Mexico the entire weekend, and Hayley's husband Adam was working. Well, just as we were preparing to go, Heidi, Ned and Ella walked into the house. So the whole group of us then headed down to the shoppes for some Pink Berry. (I have to admit the one time I had it I wasn't a huge fan, but Wes has still never tried it). Well, as it happened, Pink Berry still hadn't opened, but a huge candy store had, and there was a fun Big Band there, that the little kids had a blast dancing to. It was a very fun night of just walking around, checking out the hip n' fashionable scene.

However, the icing on the cake came afterwards, as Wes' parents, and Grandma Jean met us at Red Robin, which is only our favorite (affordable) restaurant. What a grand way to end a fun night!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


And apparently we're no longer in Southern California either. Today was one of the most bizarre days I think in the history of mankind. Weston B here to report the mayhem of May 22nd. It all pretty much started when April and I were heading out to Danny's graduation ceremony in Redlands. As we were on our way, it started to rain. Now there had been some scattered rains going on throughout the day and that in itself was pretty weird, simply because three days ago it was perfectly clear and I think it reached 104 degrees in beautiful Perri.

April's natural reaction to rain when we are away from home is, 'KIKI!?!?!' She says this in the most exasperated way possible. I always try to calm her down by telling her, 'Oh she'll be fine,' but today was different! As we drove on, the rain intensified hundredfold. I think it would be a little drastic to say it was raining buckets, but it was probably raining big gulps. Just as these heavy rains started I was searching for some kind of song on the radio to avert my worried wife's attention, when I stumbled across 99.1, a local radio station that was currently being interrupted by an emergency weather announcement. The alert was targeted to the inhabitants of Riverside county, specifically those living in Perris.... PERRIS, CALIFORNIA..... THE VERY PLACE WHERE OUR HUMBLE ABODE RESIDES, AND WORST OF ALL WHERE KIKI WAS CURRENTLY OUTSIDE. The alert continued for about two minutes warning that city to watch out for tornadoes!!! TORNADOES!!??!?! Once I heard that I thought it had been some stupid joke the station was trying to do regarding the already crazy weather. But it continued to give instructions how to behave in case of an emergency. Any anxiety in April's voice now turned into desperation. We immediately turned to the local a.m. station to hear anything more current and the moment we turned over we heard people calling in with their first-hand tornado encounters. One caller even said his two pit bulls were missing from his backyard with suspicions they got sucked into the VORTEX. With that, we decided to go back. As you could imagine, the traffic was horrendous, and on top of that, we both really had to use the restroom..... tension was in the air. We later saw the reason for the traffic was simply because one of the TWO twisters passed across the 215 freeway and a nearby train track a mere mile north of our off-ramp. The tornado caused a big-rig truck to tumble over blocking ALL lanes of traffic, then right after, derailed about 9 boxcars off the track. It must have at least been an F8. Miraculously, our home remained perfectly intact and actually looked quite nice since it and the front yard were covered in SNOW!! And in case you misread I did say SNOW!! Some argue it was a mix of slush and hail, but I know snow when I see it. And the neighborhood thugs were clearly throwing snowballs at one another. Upon arrival, Kiki, of course, was no where to be found. Luckily she never manages to travel too far when she escapes and we found her soon after soaking wet.

What a day.

It's a Twister, it's a twister...


Snow... and water on the roads

Our house...

And, Kiki home safe and sound... and wet :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 Year Ago...

We bought our house out here in the Boondocks, I mean Perris (not France).

The house was actually officially ours last year on Wes ' birthday, which is April 14th. However, the state we bought it in, basically made the house unlivable, and it took a LOT of fixing up. Wes and I (and a whole lotta help from the parentals) got it primed, painted, carpeted, tiled, and de-stenched in about 1 month. So we officially moved in in June.

Just some back ground: the people we bought it from were what we all might consider a little W.T. They had Nascar paper towels, they were chain smokers, had live in un-house broke dogs (3 to be exact, w/ their own special room for, um... their business), I don't think they ever cleaned a DAY of their life, and they had very poor decorating sense.

As I said before there was a lot of cleaning involved. I actually gagged as I was painting the base boards in the "dog's room" because the smell of urine was so strong in the carpet as I pulled it back.

So, I thought all might enjoy a little of the befores and afters (though we are def. not done with the afters). Please don't mind the fact that our house is a fish bowl; Wes is out getting our mini blinds as we speak... so what if its a year later! :)


Guest bathroom

Laundry room


Living Room

Another after

Dining area/window

Kitchen (notice the new floor)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

O... I Forgot to mention

What a stinking stud my husband is. Even though we don't have any halflings running around our house yet, my husband bought me beautiful flowers, and a card for mother's day, just to show he cares. I love him so much!!! And, my dad gave me a few presents on behalf of the only baby I have, Kiki. He gave me a great new leash and harness for the little pup. The men in my life rock!

My sweet gifts/baby(w/ bib and diaper, courtesy of hayley)/dad/and hubby...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~Graycie Harmon

I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine - she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights. ~Adabella Radici

Wes and I are lucky enough to have the 2 most fantastic mother's in all the world!!! We were able to spend time with both on mother's day.

We want them both to know how much we love, and appreciate ALL that they do for us. It's funny because my mother in law reminds me a lot of my own mother, and I can honestly say that I love them both with all of my heart.

They are both hilarious, and full of fun. Sandie has to be one of the best cooks I have ever met. And my mom will scream and root and holler, during Jazz games, oh by the way that win was for her on Sunday. :)

Happy Mother's Day Annette and Sandie, and thank you again for all your love, support, and kindness throughout the years... we love you!!!

And, I thank their mother's who taught them to love their family, the gospel, and how to be the best mothers in the world!!!

Grandma Gubler

Grandma Jean

Grandma Krause

And Grandma Jo.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Todd's Grow Up- FAST

So, people always comment on how big all my nieces and nephews are. I inform them that it is a family genetics thing. We all hit our growth spurts early, and then stop growing. Hayley was as tall as her 4th grade teacher, maybe even third. Heidi was the tallest in like the entire 7th grade class. I think my parents had high expectations for us, especially to be exceptional basketball players, but then we all stop growing. Thought I would show an example.

My mom in 1st grade- guess which one she is. :)

(The one on the bottom row- far right.)

We took this picture 2 years ago. Tyler was 4, and Ryan was 2.

Just thought it was funny, especially when I saw my mom's picture. Wish I could show off what a big kid Hayley was... but I don't have the pictures.