Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drop and give me 20...

I survived boot camp.

Well, the whole Aleman family did for that matter. Sunday, we celebrated our nephew Tyler's 6th b-day. Tyler is Wes' sister, Jaime's son. Jaime always does the funnest things when it comes to b-days. Last year for Tyler's 5th b-day, he had a huge "Pirate Party." Being it was his big 5th b-day it was a "friends" party. The guest of honor at said party was none other than the notorious Capt. Jack Sparrow... (IE: Wes).

This year for the family party Jaime and Tyler had everyone dress in army fashion, as was the theme of the party.

We went through boot camp to prove ourselves worthy to participate in the silly string battle. The champion was Ashleigh. She made it through the obstacle course (which consisted of army crawls through tiny tubes, launching water balloon grenades, jump roping, pull-ups, dodging water balloon grenades tossed by the enemy, and shooting down enemy soldiers with rubber bands) in only 1 min. 20 secs.

It was such a fun time, and everyone was such good sports.

The only bummer of the night, was that Tyler gags with silly string, so he retreated after being hit once during the battle. :)

Tyler getting pumped up.

Brinley saluting her commanding officers... check out her farmer's tan. :)

The whole platoon.

Preparing for War

The Obstacle Course challenges:

The After math of WAR.

Tyler awarding "The Medals of Honor"

Every Kids Favorite Part...

It was so much fun!

Tyler's last year (07) b-day...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cherry Chocolate Rain

So Saturday I was sorry to be informed that some people still don't know Internet sensation Tay Zonday, and his popular hit song, "Chocolate Rain". I feel it is my duty to inform people of this if they were not fortunate enough to have already heard it.

Original video, classic!

and, live from Jimmy Kimmel...It is obvious that the audience really, really enjoyed his performance. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Longest Week EVER!!!!

So, from last Sunday (April 13th) until today (Sunday, April 20th), I would have to say feels like the longest, busiest week EVER!!! I am going to do a brief rundown of events that have occurred over the past week to prove my point. :)

Sunday, April 13th 2008:
The Aleman Family, as I have mentioned before, have a very busy April birthday season. Therefore, there is a lot of celebrating to be had. Sunday we met together as a family to celebrate them all (except Tyler <4/28>, who as a 6 year old gets his own, and Grandma Jean <4/1,> as an 87 year old, obviously :) Thus, Sandie <4/8>, myself <4/8>, Shaun <4/9>, and Wes <4/14> had a birthday extravaganza. Presents, cute kids, and birthday banana cake were just a few things to be found there that day.


Monday, April 14th, 2008:

Wes' Birthday. I stayed home from school this day to get the house lookin' spic-and-span for Wes' big 25th b-day. When he got home from work we planned on celebrating. Here's where the fun happened. Before going to our favorite (low-key) restaurant, Red Robin, for our free birthday burgers I had to do some work. I had an interior BPO (bank pics/real estate) that had to be done in the Cajalco Canyon near our home. On our way however, we got a flat tire, and the birthday boy had to fix it. This makes 2 years running of him having to fix a flat on the day of birthday celebrations; as the same thing happened last year on our way to Jersey Boys with Heidi and Ned. Ned had a bum knee, having just had ACL surgery, so Wes did it alone. It all worked out though and we enjoyed a GREAT meal, birthday cake, and some more fun. :)

Clean house...
Flat Tire...
Food and Fun...

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008:
I worked as a substitute teacher (normal) and Wes worked (even more normal). I got home at about 4:15 and had to be at the church to teach the Beehives their dance for the BIG 15 stake festival. I didn't even see Wes until 9:00 pm. Probably the least hectic day of the week.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008:
A normal day for the most part. I went to school from 9:20-6:00. I also got the oil changed in our car. Wes worked. That night though, we went out to Chino. Ashleigh, Wes' sister and my hair dresser, made me a blond. Wes at the same time went to the Ontario Stake Center to play basketball with his buddies, Ryan and Paul. We got there relatively late, and didn't get home 'til about 12:15 am. It was a long day, but my hair looks fantastic! Wes also had a basketball game to remember as he made 21 points of the 21 point game, yes that means them all. These skills are what won me over!

Disclaimer... this photo was NOT taken the day I got my hair done... I admit that I look kinda thrashed in it; use your imagination and picture how cute my new hair cute and color is. :)

Thursday, April 17th, 2008:

After a normal day again, we went back out to Chino for Wes' basketball game. He plays with Shaun and Ryan on the San Antonio Ward's basketball team. The game started at 8:30 pm. I love these nights because almost the whole Aleman family comes out to support, so we have a lot of fun on the stage watching and cheering. Needless to say though it was another late night. And we did win!

Friday, April 18th, 2008:

Wes worked, and I went to school in the morning and to work in Chino in the mid afternoon. I had some real estate business to attend to. We planned on staying the night out in Chino, so after work I headed to my parents to lay out by the pool, and attempt to rid myself of this pasty skin... unsuccessfully I report back. :(

It was also Ned's birthday (yes, another April one, crazy we know).

That night I met Wes, and his family (Shaun, Sandie, and Fred) at Benihana for our birthday dinner. Only those with birthdays are permitted to attend,we are a very exclusive family :). It was a lot of fun, and coincidentally we had the same chef as on our anniversary. Good food, and good company. On our way back though, Wes and I were driving in his work truck only to discover it had no head lights. We drove from Ontario to Chino Hills using only the hazards, and staying on side roads. We even passed 4 cops, none of which pulled us over, thank goodness.

Saturday, April 19th, 2008:

Truly what felt like the longest day EVER! As I mentioned earlier Wes and I spent the night at my parent's house. The reason we did so was because my family was having a huge garage sale Saturday morning. We woke up at 6:00 am, got everything set up and ready and continued until about 11:30. We were cold and exhausted by the end. Though everybody had a good time visiting, the little boys had a good time playing, and we made pretty good money in the end. After we did a shabby job cleaning up the yard, we relaxed. Later, Ashleigh came over and did Hayley's hair, which turned out adorable. The entire family finished the day at the Soup Plantation for dinner, using the money we had all earned to pay.

Ashleigh cutting Hayley's hair...

After dinner, Danny and Sarah asked Wes and I to take their kids to our house to babysit for a couple hours while they attended a stake church meeting; of course we complied, Carter and Claire are way too cute not to. The plan was for me to take their car with the baby seats and they would drive ours back after their meeting. Wes had to drive his truck home, so I took the kids. On the freeway at the 60E. / 91N. interchange the car decided to stop completely. I broke down in the middle of a construction zone, surrounded by barriers and no shoulder. I coasted for a while until I found a triangle area where the 2 freeways merged to pull into. It was the safest place I could find. I was tripping because I had the 2 sweet babies in the car with me. I called Wes, then my brother to let them know what happened and to get them there ASAP. Then I called 911 and asked for an officer's help, which came pretty fast- I was comforted to have him and his lights there to warn traffic. After about 10-15 minutes (maybe a little longer) we were able to get the babies in a different car, and home. A tow truck came for the other car and everyone was safe and sound.

Unfortunately, as Wes went to pick Danny up from the auto shop, our car decided not to start. It has been having problems, but we got it to turn over. Stressful, huh?

My little babies in the car, Carter and Claire...

So, needless to say tonight which is Sunday, April 20th 2008, we are now home relaxing and trying to recover from a very long, very filled week. We spent today at my parents- it was very low key. My friend Krista Muir also came to visit from Idaho, and its always a pleasure to see her.

While this week was fun, stressful , and delicious- I am happy it's over.