Thursday, July 20, 2017


Peyton had 1 big goal for the summer. To eat Macaroni and Cheetos from Burger King. #Gross
But, being that that was her only desire, we had to make it happen. We did and I think it lived up to all our expectations. Wes and I thought it was gross. Jovie barely ate anything; true to form. And Peyton, who is our adventure eater, liked it and enjoyed the experience. Summertime success.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I love Summer. I love Summer when we are all together.... Peyton started school in what I consider the middle of the summer and it's been the worst because we are stuck around the house, it's hotter than (____) and we can't go anywhere. I am not fond of that summer. But July (before school) was a lot of fun.

I just love the lazy mornings we had.

We enjoyed a few summer movies... not many, we were just so busy and not around most weeks. Plus we have a busy baby boy who does not like to sit still, even for a movie. And since we didn't go very much we took advantage of the time or two we did go. 

Jovie had a big summer in that she learned to ride a 2-wheeler bike, pump herself on the swings completely, and swim! It's been amazing. She's amazing!

Beach bonfires are always a summer favorite!

We spent a lot of days at the pool. Either with friends or at Jovie's swim lessons, which were at a friends house so it was a free for all for the other kids.

 Yes, Summer months are fun, and this was but a few things we did that month!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Free Food For All!!!!!!!!!

July is the best month for free food!

Free Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day! Dress like a cow, get free food. Yes please!

 Oh, and did I mention that Peyton lost a tooth there. She was biting a straw and Jovie pulled it out of her mouth and pulled the tooth out. It was a fun moment for both girls.

Of course that same day is also 7/11, which means free Slurpees from 7/11!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth Festivities

Another fun Independence Day come and gone. More fun celebrating with family and friends.

The annual 3rd of July picnic and fireworks at the park. Always a good time!!! Griffin liked the fireworks as long as I covered his ears.

On the 4th we headed to Patrick and Kati's house to swim with family and then in the night to Fred and Sandie's house to do some fireworks in the backyard. Chino (where fireworks are somehow still legal) is crazy! It feels like you are actually driving through a war zone. There are explosions going off everywhere! It's loud and crazy and bright and loud!
 My kids are always so pooped by this point. They last about 15 minutes, do a sparkler or two and then beg to go lay down inside on the couch where they usually fall asleep and are carried to the car. This year was no exception.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Annual Bike Ride

We combined our annual bike ride of the Edison Trail in Rancho to the Soup Plantation, with my mom's birthday on July 1st, for a grand celebration this year. Most of the kids can ride themselves pretty easily nowadays, and only a few were trailered over. I think it is somewhere between a 5-7 mile ride round trip and they all handled it with ease. We missed last years bike ride having a new baby and all and hopefully Jovie will be one of the riders next year as she is just starting to ride her 2-wheeler this summer. And we all had a great time with cousins this year riding, eating and catching June-bugs at the park in the dark after. Happy birthday Mama!