Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bonfire in February

My Uncle Kevin and Aunt Connie, as well as cousin Jake and his cute wife Tiffany came down for vacation from Utah in mid February. They partied hard and did all the fun California things. We were able to join them for an evening at Balboa Beach for a bonfire one of the days they were down. We lucked out that it wasn't too cold, and though the fog rolled in, the wind stayed away and we had a fantastic evening watching the fishermen on the pier try to reel in their fish before the hungry sea lion snagged it off their line and grilling hotdogs and s'mores on the empty beach.

Kevin is my mom's brother
 The girls (thanks to the prompting of Nana) tried seaweed.... Peyton went in for seconds.
 A school of fish must have swam through because these fishermen were throwing in their lines and catching something almost instantaneously.
 Jakey became Jovie's bud the whole night

 I love this photo for many many reasons. But one particular is I got Griffin's tongue in their which he did a lot that month. Off to the side and curled up.The fact I caught it as he sat happily on Boppie's shoulders was just icing on the cake.
 And this photo looks pretty rad with the fog rolling in.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sin City Slayer

We did it again. Another great murder mystery dinner at the McCook's. Remember the last one here? This year we had some newcomers and Ryan was still an fun waiter, but not so great at it. His character was constantly spilling on us and sneezing into our food, or licking his fingers before serving us. It's all in the details my friends.

Wes was a big movie star, from the hit movie, "Ice Cold Fangs." But NO ONE liked him.

How these things play out, is you are given a personality prior to the dinner. You know a little about yourself and background and how to dress. Once you show up throughout the night you are give more and more details about yourself as well as your relationship with others. You are also given information to divulge or hold onto.

And as it happened the information we were all given is that Wes was a real tool no one liked.

I was a popular gossip columnist from Vegas and had lots of info on people as well as some beef.

Others there included: News journalists, fashion icons, the concierge from the hotel, a star struck tennis instructor, Hollywood A-listers, magicians, hair dresser, and carnie.

It was fun watching it all play out and we all had a GREAT time!

And wouldn't you know it my sister killed my husband. We all knew Wes would be whacked (seriously he was a despicable character, I don't think Wes loved his character), but by his own sister-in-law! Honestly.

So yes, Heidi (I wish I could remember everyone's fictional names) was the Sin City Slayer.

Thanks McCooks for being the funnest, best hosts!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Sock Hop

In February Peyton's school had their daddy-daughter dance fundraiser. The two of them (Wes and Peyt) went last year together, and this year Jovie joined in on the action. They started the night with dinner at Chili's (Peyton had gotten a gift certificate at school and it was a good excuse to use it) and they headed to the dance afterward. Wes said it was a bit of a bust because he ended up standing in line almost the entire time they were there waiting to take a picture at the photo booth. The girls however, had the time of their life. They danced/conga lined the night away. Wes took them to the park afterward to Pokemon (of course) and dance a little together since he missed out. They ended the night getting ice-cream and bounded in the house excitedly telling me all about it. Griffin and I had a nice relaxing night watching TV and going to bed early. It was awesome for us too. My favorite part is the cute outfits the girls wore my mom helped me make the day before. I don't think I could have gotten cuter pictures of the girls and Wes... they are my favorite!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017


We hit the 100th day of school on January 31st. I loved that Peyton's teacher had all the kids dress like they were 100. It gave me a good laugh. Funnier yet, is the fact the Peyton still wears those little red glasses without lenses all. the. time. She sure is the cutest little 100 year old I've ever seen.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Wrap-Up

 Some more fun haps in January..... (warning a lot of videos in this post)

Went to a friends Mickey birthday party. Cutest little mice I ever did see. And they pooped out on the way home. Ears on and all.
We had our cousins come over to spend the night one night. These crazies wanted to go fishing in the rain. Good thing Wes was a good sport and took them out. Sadly they didn't catch anything.
 This boy laughs at just about anything and Jovie had him rolling one night.

Actually she gets him going a lot. Don't be fooled though, Peyton gets him laughing pretty good a lot too.

 New couch! I can't even begin to explain how badly we needed a new one. The old one (while it was seriously the most comfortable couch in the world and will be missed) was gigantic in this small room. On top of that it literally had a rip in just about every cushion, the insides were outsides, and there were about 3 holes inside the couch itself that would suck in everything that entered it's domain. We lost a lot of wallets, phones, and remotes to those abysses. We are loving our smaller, more practical couch.

 I have a ton of pictures of just the kids. They aren't usually doing anything special, but because of who they are the pictures are so incredibly special.
This is my favorite video. These two have such a sweet, loving relationship. They both have hearts of gold and can often be found doing sweet things not even knowing anyone is watching them. Like making up songs on our walk to church. I adore having daughters.

Peyton digs the dab.
 Visiting a trampoline park. Peyton was so brave and jumped off this tall thing a few times.

 Playing with our good friends, The McCooks. It's so cute, Paige thinks we are her cousins.
 Here they are putting imaginary make-up on one another.

 Jovie's cute little friend Rubie brought by balloons and this cute little drawing on her b-day.

 Measuring ourselves at Grammy and Papa's house.

 Peyton is such a good (and actually useful) helper with her younger siblings.

I got to help in Peyton's class one day. I took her out to lunch. Well kinda. She was so excited I made her an egg salad sandwich (which is one of her favorites) that even though I offered to take her out to lunch she said she would rather picnic and eat what she had packed. So we headed to a nice parking lot at the base of the "M" mountain trail and ate in the car (it was wet) and watched squirrels and birds while we listened to Disney music and talked. It was actually a great time.

This kid is moving and talking more and more and is just becoming such a big baby rather than an infant.

He's also learning to give kisses, and LOVES to eat.

And on the days we had sunshine we took advantage of it, much to the younger ones happiness.
 Because most days in January looked more like this.

Wes ordered a BUNCH of marketing fliers. So every other week you might see us walking the streets of the area he works passing them out on doors. It takes a long time but it's good exercise. More for Wes than me, because I am constantly having to stop to help the 2 I have in the stroller. I like to pretend I am helping, but it's almost as if Wes is doing it all on his own.. because he basically is.