Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mawage... It's What Brings Us Together

We have gone to a few weddings the last few months; 2 of our old seminary students and one young man from our new ward. I was never a huge fan of weddings before, but going with our girls makes me love them. They think it is awesome, they love dancing, the food and especially trying to catch the bouquet. I do love seeing the people I love finding people who make them happy. It's also fun to remember my own wedding and feelings. Although I am totally jealous of the "pinterest" era of receptions, they are so much cooler and more beautiful than when I got married.

We hit up two weddings on the same night.
 At the 2nd reception we ran into some old friends (The Goodmans) who happened to be related to the groom, which was super fun! And wouldn't ya know it was Jesse who caught the garter at our wedding.

Then was the wedding of an old student and friend. She was married in L.A. and it was a lot of fun to be able to attend her wedding with some friends (Wes stayed home with the kids so I could go). It was an all day affair with good ole' traffic. I got home, picked up the rest of the family and we headed to the reception in Perris. They had the In-N-Out truck, candy bar, and a donut cake. It was awesome!

The cute couple
I headed out with one of my favorite families, the Sauvaos. The kids and I tried to keep ourselves busy during the looong drive sitting in traffic.
Here are my girls trying to catch the bouquet.
 And look at the disappointment when they didn't succeed.
(This part usually ends in tears and most of the time a sweet bride or mother of the bride/groom usually hands my girls some baby's breath from a table and they are flying high again).
 The bride, Jocilyn and I
 And a photo-booth, one of my favorite things to do with my family

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bunch of Filthy Animals

Wes got to tag along as a chaperone to Peyt's latest field trip at the Wild Animal Safari Park. She was pretty thrilled he got to go along, but not enough to want to sit by him on the bus (she wanted to sit by her friend Liliana). Lil' buster. Honestly I don't think Wes was too upset by it as I can imagine him sitting alone quietly watching NBA (or other sport) highlights or maybe playing Pokemon Go! Probably the later. Remember the obsession.

He did get to be her chaperone (obviously) and only had to be over 3 other kids. Easy. And they didn't even have to stay together as a large class so he said it was a fast, fun day.

The only thing I said he had to do was take some photos. Which he did. If you can count a bunch of goat selfies as photos of the field trip. (Don't tell him, but goat selfies and the like are the reason I really really like him).

 Her whole class

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another October Obsession

And I do NOT use the word obsession lightly here people. Pokemon. And it has taken over every single one of my family members, except maybe Griffin and me. But, it is a guilty pleasure of mine too, just not quite an obsession. It has gotten us out of the house and walking around on more than one occasion and for that I am glad. The girls (and Wes) even watch the old Pokemon: Indigo cartoon. They play the game on the phone all the time. They talk about it a lot. And you know it's bad when they dress up as the characters when they are with their equally obsessed cousins at their obsessed Nana's house. It's taken over people.

Ash, Jigglypuff, and Pokemon

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Flash Update

Just wanted to give a mid-season update. And that update is simply that this is the cutest little soccer player I ever did see. She has definitely gotten better and Saturdays are super duper fun. Love watching her!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sweet Sacrifice

If you remember back in August when we went to Yosemite, Peyton had one of the more terrifying and traumatizing experiences of her young life when she was stung by a wasp or bug. She was terrified and honestly it was one of the most painful things she has had happen to her in her young life.

Flash forward: We went to a friend of mine's wedding shower. I was buckling all the kids in the car when a bee flew over to where I was buckling Griffin. It started buzzing around us and Peyton was afraid it was going to sting Griffin. I told her it was fine, but that wasn't good enough for her so she came over and put her body between the bee and him; so that if it was going to sting someone it would be her and not Griffin.

I am not lying when I said my eyes filled with tears as I realized the magnitude of the sacrifice she was making for him. I was so touched seeing the love my kids have for one another.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


We did a trial Tinkergarten class. What the devil is that you may ask? It's basically an all outdoor preschool that allows the kids to play in order to learn. It was held at the UCR botanical gardens. And really for a free trial class we had a pretty good time; well besides the time I totally lost Jovie for a few minutes while walking around the gardens. Luckily she found some moms and hung with them until I found her. And I was definitely more freaked than her. But, I would not have paid for the class because it was nothing I couldn't do on my own during walks. And it was pretty expensive for what it was. In fact I would say 90% of the class roamed during instruction. Jovie loves structured learning/playing so she was focused on the task at hand the whole time. Making stone soup in fact.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Octobers Obsession

Jovie was all about puzzles in September! I mean like all day, e'ery day. She was pretty cute sitting in her puzzle place morning and night. Love that cute girl and I love watching her learn and grow and find some of her passions.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Everyday I'm Calculatin'

Peyton's school does a few family nights to get kids learning and participating with their families. We've gone to most (let's be honest I like going because they give a 'get out of homework' pass) and the kids like going because there are crafts, activities, food and friends. One such night was the reading and literacy night. We had a pretty good time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Grammy Camp

This year for the first time Sandie came up with an idea to have a few grand kids over at a time for  "Grammy Camp." She had all sorts of activities, snacks, and movies planned for a good solid 24 hours. This happened back in July and my kids still bring it up every few weeks. Especially Jovie who adores her Grandparents and loves special one on one time with them. She asks me every few days to do another Grammy camp.

Jovie was up first. She and Trent got to have their own special day. They saw a movie, got frozen yogurt, did a slip and slide as well as a few other activities with Grammy at her house. She loved every moment of it.

A few weeks later it was Peyton's turn along with Brinley and Delanie. They did the same, plus had a fancy tea party, tie-dyed shirts and made chocolate candy. Grammy said it was nice to have a few of the kids over at a time who could do similar activities together.
Jovie and my parents at her "Nana Camp" that we kind of forced upon them, bless their souls for being such good sports. They took her to Benihana for my mom's belated birthday dinner.

This day was pretty awesome for Wes and me too since my parents took Jovie for most of the day so we had a fun day together (along with Griffin). We did some shopping, ate, and watched a movie.

I am truly hoping Grammy camp catches on and becomes a tradition. Because we ALL loved it!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Art of Eating

On October 6 we gave Griffin his first "real" food; Just some good old rice cereal. And while we were so excited and it all started out fine, once the first bite touched his tongue his reaction said it all. The funniest part though was that while his expression was anything but pleased not one single sound came out of his mouth. That alone had all of us cracking up. So I can't say he embraced the experience exactly, but since then he has learned to love the art of eating. I could seriously just eat that boy up.

Getting ready 
All smiles
 Jovie was showing him what to do
 Then the first bite came
 And yet he kept coming back for more. Same expression each time, no sound, just pure comedy.