Monday, November 21, 2016

7 Months

My baby boy just keeps growing faster and faster, I feel like I am stuck in some sort of time warp and I can't keep up. Each month comes faster than the last. He continues to wake up at least once a night (leaving this mommy tired and not going to lie a little grumpy over that little fact). He reaches for everything and anything (food, toys, silverware....  nothing is safe within his grasp). He started doing an army crawl (Wes calls it his zombie crawl) on 11/20 (the day before he turned 7 months). He squeals. He squeals with delight, and he squeals sometimes when he is angry. He will randomly look at us and just start laughing. He head bangs when he is happy, which looks exactly how it sounds. He constantly has his little tongue between his teeth/lips, which I assume is to feel those 2 new bottom teeth which are quite large now. I am not totally in love with those teeth because when he is bored nursing or close to being done he lets me know by giving a bite down, and lemme tell ya, those suckers hurt! He is becoming quite attached to me (which I most of the time love). He will be playing on the ground completely content, not a sound to be heard and I will simply walk by and he will shriek in anger until I come back and give him some loving. But really (besides the lack of sleeping through the night) what a chill little baby boy he is. He is a smiley, happy child whose bright eyes and big grin light up any and every room. If you simply make eye contact with the lad, you will get a huge smile from his mouth and eyes. He is such a beloved little boy with a big heart and sweet spirit, that makes everyone who knows him, love him.

Friday, November 18, 2016

1st Quarter Awards

Peyton had her 1st awards assembly back in November. Peyton got an honor roll award. When we met with her teacher during conference week she had nothing but great things to say. That Peyton participated every day, was well beyond the expected average, and was just a breath of fresh air everyday. I wasn't at all surprised, but couldn't be more proud at the same time. She is such a spectacular kid!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bubble Run

Girls Weekend 2017 found us in San Diego for a fun bubble run.
 Sweet Hayley (who wasn't sure she could get work off for the night) stayed with Griffin for me during the run. I of course fell during the race and scraped up my leg big time... which is so fitting for me. But it was one of the more fun races I've ever done.

We spent just one night away, but it was a fun night. We ate, we told stories, we drank a lot of polar pops. Griffin stowed away for the trip, but he was fun to have around.

We woke up, ate more, got our nails done and headed back.... through traffic. Here's to another fun year with the "Todd" girls.

But coming home to my family is always fabulous too. Especially when you get the cutest hand written notes from the girls saying how much they missed you.

Check out the cute pictures, they laid the pumpkins next to it and put flowers all around it.
Peyton's was so sweet. Her front had this on it. Notice the rain and dark clouds, and sad faces.
 The back we are reunited and happy with rainbows on it.
I am a lucky Mama!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beach Day in November

Sometimes I just love California weather. Like when you can have an 80 degree beach day in November. It was a perfect day and we had the BEST time! I think I'll take that over changing Fall colored leaves.
This is one of my all time favorites!
 Oooooo and this one. He was so happy and kept falling backwards laughing.
 Jovie's heaven: the beach and candy. Actually it's really anywhere as long as candy is involved.
He's such a FOX!
 Perfect California day!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Obsession Continues

It's still all about Pokemon around here. I love this little game they made up. And I didn't start recording until after about 20 min of it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Opposites Attract

One evening it just so happened that both girl's activities fell on the same day with overlapping times. I got them both ready to leave and upon looking at them got a kick out of how different they looked. Trying it all out and seeing what sticks.

 Jovie: Dance     Peyton: Soccer

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Wes took us back to his Mexican roots for dinner one day and taught the girls how to make corn tortillas. It was a pretty delicious activity.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hello October.....

So much fun. So long October.

Here are some of the random things we did.

One day at Peyton's soccer game
Jovie, who would play with 2 other kids the whole time came running up to me complaining about ants crawling on her. Like any parent, I wasn't overly concerned about "ants" so I held her and looked at where she was pointing. Upon further inspection I found that they weren't small house ants but huge big black ones ALL OVER HER ankles and feet. I am serious when I say I couldn't even count them all. So quickly I started brushing them off as quickly as I could and stripping off her socks. The damage had been done though and her poor feet were eaten alive. Within a few days she had little blister-bites filled with puss all over her ankles. I felt so bad for her. Within a few weeks they had gone away but they bothered her for a bit. The lesson of the day was to not play on ant hills anymore.

I wish the picture did the bites more justice because it looks like nothing here. And trust when I say it was pretty gnarly.

After the game my parents were at, they offered to take Peyton to run errands with them and sleep over just for fun. So she left in her jersey, wore an old dress they had in their house to church and we picked her up the next day and it was the best, short notice fun she could have had. They sent me these cute photos throughout the day.
 P.S. notice her smile? She would smile really funny for a while in order to show her missing tooth.

Just more fun days doing a whole lotta nothing at home together with the kids.

Watched America's Funniest Videos with all the cousins on Sundays at Nana and Boppie's house.

Took some walks at the lake where we may or may not have done some Pokemon-ing.

Peyton did some story-time reading to her younger siblings (my personal favorite is how she shows the pictures after reading the words just like the librarians do).

Hit up the mall (I got a new phone there) and look who fell asleep in daddy's arms. The cutest? I think so.

Met up with Grammy and Papa at the Shoppes in Chino Hills for dinner and a show. We missed the outdoor concert but had fun anyway. Grammy always spoils the kids with a train ride because mom and dad always say no. And they think it's the greatest thing ever!

 More lizard catching.

 Jovie really brought out the goods to let Griffin buddy lounge in style. He seemed to enjoy it too.

Backwards day at school. It was a whole fun week at school.

And she's just a crazy kid who likes to do weird things.
 Like making herself a Nutella monster. I don't think my chastising her was effective as I was laughing too hard.

We also had some of our lunches together outside.
Jovie wrote some killer letters to... well I am not sure if it was to me or her or who exactly?

Griffin started moving a ton

And his sisters were quite proud.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All Hallows Eve

And then the Halloween festivities began. Ward parties, family parties, trick or treating, etc.

We had so much fun making the girls costumes this year. Little Jovie changed her mind literally almost Every. Single. Day. I can't even remember how many ideas she had. A cat, minion, movie character, astronaut, etc, etc. etc. Once I started making the parts to her costume, she was forced to commit. It was all the easier because her little friend also wanted to be a unicorn so they were happy to be "twinners" and it was easier for me working with a friend to figure out the "how to". Jovie only had 2 requirements: 1. That she was a rainbow unicorn (I had seen on Pinterest a few really cute gold/stylish ideas, she wasn't interested in them in the least). and 2. That she had lights. So I improvised a few ideas to make it happen, and I am glad I did, because she and Peyton were so easy to find in the night.

Peyton came up with about 2 ideas, and once she settled on a robot, she was happy with it and never changed her mind. I am not going to lie, I was stoked she wanted to be a robot because I had been pushing her towards that for about the last 2 years to no avail. And, her costume was not only super easy to make, it was a hit with everyone (and super legit)! Maybe my favorite costume yet. So maybe everyone thought she was a boy, but she was the cutest ever in it. One thing I LOVE about Peyton is she doesn't really care what people say about her and or what others are doing. If she likes something or wants to do something she is 100% okay with being different.

We started our festivities at our church party where Peyton was one of about 3 costume contest winners. Wes and I threw together some costumes last minute. Wes was able to borrow some scrubs, and I hit up a thrift store about an hour before our party started. I had the idea a few weeks before and ordered Griffin something online to match us, but didn't do anything about it until it was almost too late. Not our best, but hey, at least we dressed up this year.
The girls had a blast not eating a single thing for dinner, running around like crazy with their friends playing games and eating sugar and ending the night trick-or-treating (doing the rounds about 3 times).

Of course we had to get our pumpkin carving in. And I couldn't believe both girls participated this year and did almost everything themselves.
They begged me to get into the picture and then couldn't stop giggling as they kept ruining the picture by doing something silly. Wes caught this gem, and I just love the natural smiles from both of them.

My parents planned the next party at their house with all the kids/cousins. Whenever we all get together it is a lot of fun, and a lot of noise! Crazy, loud fun-noise.

And of course the big night came to trick-or-treat. My kids LOVE Halloween, and to them it is honestly comparable to Christmas. I am so happy they live life with such happiness and joy. We met up with our friends The Guerreros and a few other families to walk around a nearby neighborhood. We had a great time! Griffin fell asleep pretty fast bundled up in his costume, and Jovie found our friend, Patty, who has helped in her joy school and held her hand and called her Grandma most of the night. I love Patty and she was so sweet to little Jovie and her real granddaughter Rubie who hung with her on our walk.

And like I said it was easy to find them in the dark thanks to their light-up costumes.
 running from house to house
 The police came down the street with their lights on and pulled over to give all the kids candy, a safety book and a flashing light.
 Jovie and Grandma Patty walking the hood
 And my cute little unicorn with cotton candy all over her face
 And I think their happy faces sum up the good time they all had.
Rubie and Ellie and Jovie and Peyton