Tuesday, April 24, 2018

All Day, Erryday

Seriously remember what I said about golf and basketball. Its all day, everyday.

You'll even see a little dribbling in this video he does.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Griffin turns 2!!!!!!!!!

My favorite son in the whole world turned 2, April 21st!!!

Boy oh boy does this kid push my buttons sometimes. He screams when he doesn't get his way. He throws any and everything. He is constantly "golfing" with any stick he finds regardless of what is around him. He tackles his big sisters and thinks it's so funny to torture them. He's not much of a talker, and loves his paci, or "uh-ohs" as he calls them. He is super duper stubborn and he frustrates the crap out of me at times. He wakes up and wants to watch "shows" on Wes' phone right away. Every single time we get in the car he takes off his right sock and shoe... sometimes even both the left and right, which is so annoying. I already know he is going to eat me out of a house and home; he can finish an In-N-Out cheeseburger all by himself before the age of 2 people! But then he smiles, and walks up and gives me a squeezy hug or huge kiss and wraps his chubby little fingers around my neck and all I can think is how much I love that boy. How he can get away with murder and I would forgive him... okay maybe not murder but just about anything else. I've never seen a little boy love his baby sister as much as he does. It's almost like a physical need to hug and kiss her and call her "bebe". He is so funny and loves to make people laugh. He's obsessed over Wes and wants to be by him all. the. time. And I always tease him that even though he only got one son, Griffin is everything he ever wanted. That boy literally is either shooting baskets or golfing. He doesn't play with any other toys other than his golf set (and he can make any stick into a club and anything on the ground into a ball) or he is shooting baskets in his mini hoop. Griffin has big blue eyes, a big smile, and a big personality to match. Every time he does something the girls just ooh and ahhh over him and always say, "He is sooooooooo cute!" As you can see, they are always hovering over him... I am not sure if he likes it or not. I can't help but agree. Dang he's cute and dang do we all love him and dang does he have a special place in my heart!!!

For his birthday we spent the morning at soccer games. Then we opened presents and decided last minute to go to the beach and hit up the Irvine Spectrum Ferris Wheel on the way there. Although Sloane and I weren't allowed to ride. Dumb rule about all kids needing to sit on their own with a seat belt even though she was strapped to me.  It was pretty cold so we didn't linger at the beach too long, but instead met up with cousins for dinner and went back to their house to eat a brownie "cake" and sing. I think it was a pretty good 2nd birthday. (P.S. we sang as often as possible to him, and at any restaurant we ate at we had them sing, and it was the best because he loved it!)

I never thought I needed a son, but I don't know what I would do without him. He is the extra element of fun we all needed in this home!

He does not stand still, and I tried my hardest to get a few cute photos of him for his 2 year shoot. And even though most are blurry from my hurried attempts, my biased view is that there is no other boy cuter than him and these photos are perfect.
 His snarly smile might be my favorite though
 Or his side lean... be still my heart

On his actual birthday we got Slurpees after forcing him to stay in his stroller during not one, but two soccer games, which is just torture for him.

Then it was present time... and of course he was overly assisted by two doting sisters.

 The Ferris Wheel

Followed by the beach. (It was Sloane's first time at the beach at a mere 4.5 weeks and I didn't get a single picture because it was cold and windy and I kept her hidden under a blanket the entire time. Griffin didn't mind though since there was sand to be thrown and birds to be chased. 

Then it was cousin's and dinner and dessert

Happiest of birthdays to my sweet boy!

 And look at these photos of him being sung to a few days before his birthday. He was in heaven with all the attention.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My Favorites!

just missing my favorite

Monday, April 16, 2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Celebrate 3-5

Wes turned 35, yes, 35 years old, 6 days after my birthday. Since his b-day was on a Saturday we started the morning with soccer games, then napping and finally I had arranged for the kids to go to Papa's house so Wes and I could have a nice dinner out. We tried the Wood Ranch in Chino Hills and it was delicious. We had a fabulous dinner out (with a little baby attached to me of course). We tried shopping afterward but everywhere was closed, which didn't matter that much because we were pretty tired anyway. 

Ans here is the only picture we took that day. In the car in weird gas station lighting. Here's to 35.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Pretty Baby

Yeah she's adorable, but boy oh boy she's a lot of work. Eat, sleep, poop, eat, pop, lack of sleeping, repeat. It's a good thing I love her so much!

This is 33

My birthday was basically one long nap (which I LOVED and needed) . And later that day we headed to the Alemans house to do a group birthday celebration with me, Shaun, Wes, Griffin and Tyler and a balloon release for Sandie (whose birthday was that day as well).

I would be lying if I were to say I wasn't kind of bitter my whole birthday. The day before all of  Wes' family including Wes and the girls went bowling for Shaun's birthday (I couldn't bowl yet so I stayed home with the two littles, which wasn't that fun and the only day I could have celebrated being my birthday landed on a Sunday). Then the big plan on my actual birthday was all for Sandie. And you know what, no one really thought about me and my feelings were hurt. Not because the siblings didn't do anything; but that not even Wes thought to do anything. I mean we were in a weird place at home with a brand new baby, and honestly there wasn't much I could do anyway. But, it was just that I wanted someone to think of me. I know I am kind of a baby about the whole thing but I like birthdays. I like celebrating and being celebrated. And I was a hormonal mess and I was mad.

But, when I could think rationally, I recognized what a good birthday it was. Why? Because I had a beautiful new baby girl, a darling boy, and the two cutest big sisters going. I have a husband who took all the kids for hours to give me a break and did get me a night out (just two weeks later) to see a play I had been wanting to see for a while. But, it wasn't my best day.

Sandie's balloon release. All the grandkids wrote notes and attached them to the balloons and sent them to heaven.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

1st bath

I gave Sloane her first "bath" if you can even call it that, with the help of every single person in the house. She wasn't a huge fan of the whole ordeal... but did like getting her hair washed and was content as I rubbed her sweet little head. She's pretty darn cute though. Actually all the kids were so cute during the process. Peyton was right next to me snapping photos away and Jovie helped wash her whenever she can. And Griffin was basically under foot the whole time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


The title to this post is both metaphoric and literal. Wes and I were not sufficiently prepared for 4 kids. Maybe it is just that Griffin and Sloane are so close in age. Maybe it's just that the recovery was seriously rough and I wasn't able to help much around the house and poor Wes was having a go of it. Maybe it's trying to carry a baby, carseat, diaper bag for 2 and make it anywhere on time is nearly impossible. Or maybe it's a little bit of everything; but boy oh boy, 4 kids!

On one of our very first outings out of the house, about 2 weeks after Sloane was born we took the three youngest kids with us to get the tires on both of our cars switched out. Since we were right next to Wes' chiropractor he decided to pop in and get readjusted. I decided I would wait outside with the kids and let them play around the fountain outside. Sloane was strapped to me, and Griffin and Jovie were throwing leaves into the water and splashing around. They were having a grand ole time. I lingered around them for a while, and took some pictures.

After a while I needed to sit as I started getting kind of sore and hurting. So I sat on a nearby bench and watched the kids play. They started crawling around the edge of the water and were completely happy and fine. Until it wasn't. Suddenly I saw a splash but it was right behind the concrete pillar from where I was sitting and I couldn't be sure if Griffin fell in or not. So I got up and looked only to see my boy face down in the water paddling and swimming completely parallel to the ground. Jovie proudly announces "He's swimming!" I am freaked! Probably more than any other time of my life and as I am running as fast as my c-section body will allow me, I seem to be moving in slow motion. I start screaming his name, hoping there is someone closer than me who can help. There isn't. I just can't get there fast enough. And right when I get near the fountain I slip on the water the kids had splashed on the ground and fall hard. I hit my knee and go down protecting Sloane. (She didn't even cry). I get up as fast as I could and grab Griffin and pull him out. Only about 30-40 seconds passed but it was the longest moments of my life. Griffin comes out and I am frantically checking to see how he is acting. He comes out and first thing he says is "No, no, no". I am relieved but still just in shock. A few women came over to check on me, and somehow I kept it together and just kept hugging him. I kept looking and waiting for Wes to come back, as it had been a while. And instead of staying there embarrassed I decide to walk a while more and get him. I go inside, and check my knee and see I am bleeding and ripped my skirt. I am in serious pain at my incision and still have to walk back to the car. I am still emotionally doing okay at this point.

We get in the car and I am driving home, Griffin makes a weird noise (just being silly) and I look back concerned still shaken from my previous incident. I look back in front of me and nearly rear end the car in front of me. This is where I lost it. I sobbed the rest of the way home. I got home and saw Griffin in my head drowning and cried again for most of the rest of the day.

He did look cute driving home in just a diaper though.

I am glad to say, it has since gotten better. My body has healed. I think I figured out how to move kids around. And Griffin is still alive so we are there. But boy oh boy, 4 kids! It sure is fun.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

Having just had a baby 2 weeks before Easter I was not on top of things this year. I felt bad for my kids 'cuz I kinda sucked this year with fun activities (I really don't feel that bad because I couldn't really do anything). But it is what it is, right?! In fact I just struggled with everything a little bit this year because even being at the end of pregnancy I just didn't have the energy to do anything. But, it is what it is, and it is a short season of life.

However, Wes helped where he could and we had a nice low-key Easter as a family. Which also happened to land on April Fool's Day. We talked about doing a prank but when it came down to it, we were both so exhausted that we said, nah, and let it go. I'll just do an 'April' fools another day since I am April. #dadjoke

We celebrated with Wes' family the Saturday before. Every holiday is a little more sad without Sandie but being with Fred and the rest of the family is such a blessing. We still ate good food, had a lot of laughs, my kids came out like bandits with the Easter egg hunt (finding all the biggest money eggs), and we still had fun with our egg rolling competition. And don't forgot the terrible 2 week postpartum family pictures we took. Apparently I must have still been on some heavy meds to want a picture at that point. Oh well.
 Griffin was ready to find those eggs outside and couldn't be bothered for a picture.

We had a nice Easter at home. We watched General Conference at home and had a nice Sunday dinner with my parents.
Easter best........
 This is his new awesome picture smile
And I just think this picture was funny because they all have the same expression

Side note: because we had conference on actual Easter I got my kids all dressed up the next Sunday to take pictures. I intended to have Sloane in the pictures too, but it didn't happen. I am letting a lot slide these days.