Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Art......

of tying ones shoe. As shown by Peyton who finally has it down!

The Makings of a BFF

This is the girl side of the 'Rio Trio' (our little friend group's "cool" name). It just so happened that we all got pregnant together. So us BFFs our currently making the next generation of BFFs. Lucky kids.

Before and After 
Taryn had Emmitt January 8, Jill had Sadie April 1, and Griffin was born April 21.


A few weeks before the end of school (which I still need to get to), Peyton's school had an outdoor movie night. We packed up our chairs, popcorn, candy and drinks and headed over. Right away Peyton spotted some friends from her class and parked herself near them. Jovie (the stereotypical little sister) did likewise. Actually they love being together and ended up sharing a seat most of the time. Let's just be honest, give those two enough junk food and they don't care what is happening; but this was truly a fun night. And a cool night. My little mister just hung under the nursing cover all night snuggled up to me... I enjoyed that part too.

Getting those 2 all ready for the movie... Wes and I had a little date night behind them. 

This one got so chilly towards the end, she came and shared Wes' sweater.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pardon the Randomness

It's random picture time for the month of May!

I've been having way too much fun trying new hairstyles on the girls. I still have a lot of learning to do, but they are just starting to let me practice.
 The girls always want me to take their picture as they hold Griffin... or Griffy, or Griff or Finn, or Finny or one of the many many names he already goes by.
 Most of the 100+ pictures I took this month look like this. And are primarily of this boy. It is easy to see I am smitten.
 Go Noodle exercises. They love them and even I get in an ab work out as I laugh watching them.
 More of the girls and their bro.
 But still with an occasional selfie thrown in.
 Now just keep imagining 100 more like this.
 Cute cousins 21 days apart.
 Mr. Logan James Aleman
 And the cousins with Aunt Ashleigh
 And Aunt Jaime
 And sweet cousin Trenton
 Wes at the Dodger game with Ryan, Nate and an affectionate friend.
 This is life. Baby on the shoulder and bags under the eyes. I love it! Well, I could do without the bags, but heck... I'll take it, cuz' I love the little man who was keeping me from sleep.
 The end of May also meant the end of homework. Wes and Peyton getting it done. Marshmallows for each page completed usually meant the week packet was done by Tuesday.
 And we took Wyatt with us to the outdoor mall to ride the train and try to play in the splash pad.
 Splash pad was closed so we tried to improvise... we were quickly asked to refrain! (P.S. these 2 are 28 days apart and a good 20 pounds).
 More selfies of me and my boy.
 Jovie has been obsessed with writing her alphabet. It's pretty cute.
 Jovie--- the actress.
 And this one is sure to give you nightmares.
 Day date for Wes, Jovie, Griffin and myself. This place is always slammed, had good reviews, and I will not be returning. Fried, grease and fish. No thanks.
 Fun game of hide-n-seek led to this cutie
I still have a few more posts from the month. But basically our month could be summarized by a million pictures of Griffin with a few of the girls thrown in. He has taken the house over! All of us can't get enough of him. Peyton is constantly complaining that since she has school she sees him the least and it is simply not fair. Boy do I love these kiddos of mine. I want to bottle up this time as each of their ages is just spectacular. I feel like I am the luckiest person alive. Just throw in a million dollars and I would want for nothing. ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Memorial Day '16: The Long Search for a Donut

We had to change our plans last minute (due to illness and precaution for baby boy), and because (like rookie parents) we had already told the kids of our fun plans with cousins, I felt a lot of pressure to make our new plans equal to if not more fun than what we had planned. I think it was a pretty fun day... and I think the kids would agree.

We started the day with Bravo Burger bacon breakfast burritos, which are one of our favorites and some errands. Weirdly enough I love errands, truly I do.
 After that we headed to the Tyler mall for glo-mini golf. It was perfect for my kids ages. It wasn't really mini golf in the traditional sense, but they loved it and it was quite a novelty place to go. I wouldn't go for just adults though.
 Jovie even got a whole in one!!!
 After mini golfing we headed home and had popcorn and watched The Jungle Book and relaxed for a while. And ended the day with a 45 min drive around town looking for a donut shop that was open. 4th one is a charm!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Date Night

Hallelujah for date night. Especially when one is tired and can give their kids to someone else for a while. Enter Sarah Todd. She graciously offered to take my girls with her kids to Castle Park for rides,  water-slides and a sleepover. They were in heaven. No seriously, I think that's what they imagine heaven to be like. Wes and I took advantage of the night off to go out to sushi... it had been far too long for me. We planned on a movie after, but being old and sleep deprived decided instead to go home and go to sleep. I know, we are party animals. It was a good night for all.... except for maybe Danny and Sarah. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Showered With Love

My mom and sisters threw me a shower for little baby Griffin. I felt a little weird having a shower since it is baby #3, but the fact that it is my first boy and I literally had nothing for him to wear that was just for a boy prior to his being born made me feel a little less weird about it. I did have about a weeks worth of gender neutral outfits to fall back on though. Honestly, I was sooooo grateful for all the love we were shown by friends and family. So many people came by with gifts for him, and then the shower just topped it off. Boy am I grateful for all the good, kind, loving people in our life.

Keeping to tradition for my showers, I don't have any photos of the night. I was obviously too busy having fun, laughing and enjoying all the people there. But trust when I say it was a good time.

I did walk in to pure chaos as one of the punch bowls had literally just shattered moments before, so it was a rush to clean up and figure out a solution. I was sorry to miss the action though. And of course it all worked out just fine.

The best part of waiting to have a shower until after baby is born is that he has to share the spotlight with me. I was relieved that for the entire 3 hours we were there he just hung out and was passed around all night, happy as can be. I fed him after everyone left and I was preparing to go home. He really is an exceptionally sweet baby. Just loves to be loved.

The one picture I got was before the shower started of me and my boy. I asked my mom to take our photo and am glad I did. He was 2 weeks old at the time. I was happy to be out of the house and have a reason to get ready for the first time since he was born.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1 Month

I keep getting farther and farther behind on my posts, and yet I have no motivation right now. I know I need the record, so I am posting this a few weeks late in hopes that in the future I will do better.

Griffin turned 1 month old on May 21. At 2 weeks old he weighed a whopping 8lbs 7oz, and we won't see a Dr again until the end of this month so I don't have the stats for this past month.

However, what I do know is that he is 100% cute. He is a sweet cuddle bug who has the cutest expressions I ever did see. He shares a lot of traits with both sisters. While I think he looks a whole lot like Peyton (and also like Wes... little Jr.) he has Jovie's cute mouth dimple (same side) and a lot of times gets the Jovie brow; which makes them look grumpy but is just their default "taking it all in face". He is still not a great sleeper, but he could be worse. He wakes a few times a night, eats, has to be held in my arms for about 5 min. and then will go back to sleep for a couple of hours. This is his 24 hour routine. But he doesn't cry much and we simply adore this kid. He started smiling right around month 1. He had his first "real" bath around that time too. It has been a fast month and slow one all at the same time. But, I want to remember everything about now, because this stage is both the fastest and my favorite!