Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Day at the County Fair

September is funny to me. It is the end of summer, it is too hot to be fall; so it kind of is just time to kill in order for the good stuff to start. However, its one redeeming grace is the L.A. county fair, which comes during the month. And if there is one thing I love, its the fair! I love the displays, I used to love the rides before I got old and sick on everything that is. I love the big slide. I LOVE the greasy weird food that makes me sick all night. I love all things that end in derby or race. I love the animals and freak shows. So I basically I love it all. I really do!

This year we went as part of a preschool group, that included all of our Todd cousins, and most of my siblings and parents. So, it became a family affair. Which is also something I love. Spending time with my funny family. We enjoyed the high flying pirate adventure, the camping/outdoor area, drumming, and super hero displays. Wes and I didn't go too crazy on the food this year either. A lemonade, and fried pickles is all. We also made a quick stop to see our own quilt on display. Sandie (who made it for us last year) asked if she could enter it. Of course we said yes, and it was a real treat to see it. I have no idea how it didn't win anything. Honestly, it is the COOLEST I-spy quilt.

Yes, September is something to look forward to I suppose. Thank you for that carnie filled fair.

Peyton and a few of her male cousins. 
 Peyton thinks Iron Man is as cool as Asher, which is saying a lot. She really wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween. Which is funny because in reality she has no idea who he is.
 You'll also notice every picture of her Asher is nearby. She has what some might call a slight love affair with this cousin of hers. She thinks she is going to marry him when she's older. I haven't broken the bad news to her yet.
 Jovie too is developing quite a fondness for her Broberg counterpart. These two are so dang cute together and are becoming quite good chums.
 For my family..... the Banana Split Lizard. Yeah baby!
 Cap'n Jack Sparrow... a new love of Peyton's now too.
 Checking off Wilderness requirements to get an awesome Smokey the Bear hat.
 Our I-Spy quilt hanging behind her. Plus Browny the dog thanks to Asher's skills and kindness.
 I had to end with my favorite shot from the day. Happiness on the swings.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

14th Annual "Todd" Girl's Weekend

Holy crap, I can't believe it's been 14 years since we started this awesome tradition of taking time away to be together as girls! It sure has changed over the years. We've added a new Todd girl (Sarah) to the mix, changed our names from Todd to Broberg, Hamilton, Aleman (though I think all of us still feel like Todd girls- it was an awesome name to grow up with). Had babies join us on our adventures. Sometimes had to improvise on years it just couldn't be a weekend away. But regardless it is always fun. I already plan on continuing this tradition with my own girls (and crazy Aunt Hayley who doesn't have any girls...yet) when mine get older.

This year we made a list of all of our past adventures I thought I would include here:
2001 Catalina
2002 San Diego
2003 Ensenada weekend cruise
2004 Prague, Czech Republic
2005 Sea Sprite and Run L.A. 5k
2006 Day at Glen Ivy
2007 Green Valley Lake, Arrowhead---- fire, evacuated
2008 Green Valley Lake- to finish what we couldn't the year before
2009 Palm Springs
2010 Tai Pan shopping and a J. Lo movie
2011 Chipotle, Midnight in Paris movie, frozen yogurt
2012 Palm Springs
2013 L.A.
2014 Sea Sprite

2014: Sea Sprite- Hermosa Beach
Friday: Umami. Cottage patio overlooking the boardwalk and beach. Heidi scared of being raped and insisting we tell everyone our husbands were at the bar. The "All-American" drunkard. Kind stranger text. And being shiny.

Saturday: (Hayley's favorite) waking up early to do Roga (run/yoga) on Santa Monica Pier. Yummy breakfast at 4 Daughters Cafe. Crazy ride in Sarah's car... I should say, crazy passengers freaking out on steep hills in Sarah's van. Laying out on the beach. Thai dinner and shopping. Gelato and more patio sitting. Oh and who could forget reading our letters to ourselves from 2001. Mine wins for being the best for sure!

Sunday: Hanging out and saying good-bye to the crusty Sea Sprite... but heck can't beat the location. Capriotti's for lunch and then back home to our families.

Yes, it was a good weekend with lots of laughs. Thanks Mama for always making this happen. It is a treat I look forward to each year!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Primary Program

Our ward had their Primary Program, which is a church meeting where everyone is together and the children teach and sing from the pulpit. And while the primary program is always my favorite Sunday of the year, this year was extra exciting since it was Peyton's 1st time being involved. I never know what she will do in front of a crowd, but let me just say this.... she was awesome!

She went up to the front, and rather than sitting with all the other kids she stood in front and looked out over the congregation. Wes and I kept trying to motion to her to look behind her and find a seat, but she was oblivious and kept standing there smiling. She finally got mad at Wes and I for motioning to her, and shouted (quietly) "I know"... she didn't. And finally one of the teachers gently led her to her seat.

She sang all the songs, waved to Jovie who continued to yell loudly, "There's Pey-Pey every time the kids stood up to sing. After waving multiple times she just kept smiling at us, and lifting her eyebrows.

She got up, held the microphone with her casted hand, and said her part, "I love the beautiful Earth because....(she made this part up herself) of the different people and different animals."She said her part loud and proud and then smiled and lingered at the microphone for a few seconds. The teacher she sat by told me that when Peyton came and sat down by her she said, "I did really good, right?!"

I know I am biased but I kept thinking what a cute sweet girl she was the entire time she was up there. When I told her how proud of her I was for being brave and doing so well she told me, "I wasn't even scared. I like talking on the microphone. I was just sad I wasn't sitting by you guys." I mean it is a bummer that she couldn't sit by her grandparents the only time they come to our church. Funny sweet girl.

Here she is after the program in her fox dress she picked out and loves. She got her cast off the very next day.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rock Sugar

Mama here gets a little stir crazy every once in a while, which then causes me to go crazy-crazy. I have so much respect for how much patience my man exercises towards me, because at times I am a hard woman to deal with. Just being real here peeps.

Well, 'bout a month ago, I started to loose my so called "cool". I am sure I am not the only mom/wife who gets seriously sick of the mundane cycle of life routine. Can I get an amen?! So in one these moments, I demanded my husband take me on a good date that was not just dinner and a movie... our typical date. Don't get me wrong that is in no way a bad date to me, but I needed something to refresh me and break the monotonous cycle that was life. If you can't tell I am being a bit melodramatic, please know now that I realize I am. However, I tend to get a little melodramatic at times in real life too, so it is not all that exaggerated here what Wes was really dealing with then. Most of the time I am pretty normal..... I think.

At this specific time life was busy and I kind of forgot about my demand. However, a few weeks later Wes told me (Monday) that the next day I was not to make plans because he was taking me out. He did not give me the deets until that day, and I was super pumped for whatever it was. Seriously at that point I didn't care. Just happy I had a reason to shower and not wear yoga pants.

He knows I have been dying to go to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) so he had his mom watch our children, took me there and to a really nice dinner at a fancy restaurant off Santa Monica Blvd called Rock Sugar. We went with some friends a few years ago and have been craving their banana/creme brulee cake ever since. I know, I've got your mouth watering right now with that description, am I right?! Word to the wise though... don't get the coconut soup. Yuck! Do get the grapefruit salad. Yum! It was an added perk that afterward we just decided since we were in the area to grab some Sprinkles Cupcakes too. Oh yes we did double up on dessert!

was a dreamy day from start to finish. Now the only problem is I've got the taste in my mouth and I want more and more dates just like this one. This might be a problem! I am thankful that Wes got the hint and did more than deliver on a wonderful day! I am a lucky girl to be married to the man of my dreams. And that he puts up with my whims and fancies, and loves me in spite of it all.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Take Our Picture

I can't tell you how many times Peyton will yell to me... "Come take our picture" and I will walk in on the cutest sisters you ever did see. My heart is so grateful they have each other, and love one another so. They seriously play all day so well together, it is awesome! I swear they do these poses 100% on their own. I just happily comply by taking the pictures they want me to. BFF for sure!!!

Notice too in the above picture they used party streamers to make a cast for Jovie so they match.
I also have to say that right this second as I write this I hear Jovie chasing Peyton around saying, "huggie" to give her a hug, and they are both giggling.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That's What She Said

I completely forgot about some of the funny things the girls have said/started saying from months and months ago but was recently reminded when I came across a few funny things in a note I wrote on my phone. Like I said, these are super old, but funny none-the-less. A few of these are more recent. And since I am constantly kicking myself for not writing all the funny things down, I am going to do it here now of the few things I can remember.

4th of July: Peyton as we were applying some festive 4th tattoos and discussing the USA. "I love the USA! I really want to go there someday!"

Peyton doing some very common make-believe play. "I am going on a date with my daddy and my honey Jovie."

Jovie went through a phase where every answer she gave to us was... "No way!"

One of Peyton's 4th of July tattoos had a bear on it, we put it on her arm. One day she looked down at it (as though it was a watch) and said "I have a watch, and it says to go to North America." (She really meant compass instead of watch).

Another day of make-believe she was telling everyone what part they would be playing (common occurrence as well). She says, "Daddy is the king, Mama is the queen, I am the knight, and Jovie is Jesus Christ." I had to laugh at her sweet irreverence.

Peyton went through a phase where she was utterly terrified of wolves and coyotes. She had nightmares and to help I tried to show her images and videos on the computer of nice coyotes/wolves. (It sure didn't help that shortly after her nightmare my sisters dog Oscar was bitten by a coyote in the late afternoon and my mom had to rescue him by throwing her book at it). One day after discussing coyotes and how they are not scaring but kind of neat, Peyton asked if and why they were afraid of humans. I told her because we are bigger and stronger. She then said, "When I grow up I'll be 78 right?" I said yes. She then said, "And then I am going to keep on growing bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER, until I am a giant."

Another phrase Jovie says a lot is... "Pick. Pick!" As she points to what she wants. Her little voice saying it is hilarious.

Jovie is kind of in the midst of potty training... by her own accord. She went poop on her toilet just recently (a good amount too). Well, while Wes was cleaning her mini toilet in the bathroom (I was not home) she finished pooping on the brown carpet we have in the front room. Both girls stepped on it, and Wes had a big mess to clean up (poor guy). When I got home they were telling me the story. At the part Peyton stepped on it, I looked at her and made an exaggerated yucky face and said, "Oh man you stepped on it! Yuck!" She then replied evenly exaggerated, I didn't know it was there, it was camouflage!"

Jovie also currently says often, "What's thaaaat?" And "Where is....." followed by a "Right There!"

I love the stage between 15 months to 2 years it is so funny (It might be my favorite)!!! And everyone knows how utterly funny 4 year olds are.

And yes, Jovie did put her toilet bowl on her head like a hat. Wasn't the first or last time she's done it either.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

1st Day of Preschool

Peyton started preschool at the beginning of September. She is kind of a homebody and honestly didn't care one way or another about it, and never really has. She is one of those kids that is content doing whatever it is she is doing at the moment. So she has always been happy at home, but now equally happy at school. I think I have a harder time letting her go then she does. Though she does like me to walk her in and linger until she finds friends. So basically I walk her in, she finds her friend Rion, and then forgets all about me. :) Just the way it should be I suppose. She is a good girl who enjoys people and is very smart. This has definitely been a good thing for her and me both. It also helps it is only a joy school, which means all the moms take turns teaching. It is such a wonderful group of people and I have really enjoyed it thus far.

I took pictures of her from her first day. I think her smile says it all! Have I mentioned how much I love her, and how I really need her to stop growing so quickly.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Long Live The Summer

Well even though it still feels like Summer, as in over 100 degrees, I suppose technically Summer and obviously August is through. Our Summer had a slow, boring start, but ended with a bang. And it is still going. In fact, I think we will go swimming tomorrow. Should be another scorcher.

Because it was so blazing hot most of August we had to be creative and find things to do inside our home or places with good a/c. Which really meant we became creative.

The girls had me make them a tent (which stayed up pretty much all week--- my house looked goooood), then they got all dressed up and had an animal tea party. Jovie just does whatever Peyton tells her, and most of the time we have to improvise our game as she wanders away. Jovie almost always prefers to act like a dog instead of a human.
 We busted out a lot of dress up stuff.
 And dressed up with some stuff that wasn't part of the actual dress-up things. Like diaper hats.
 And tutus hats.

I passed on some of my bad habits. (Don't worry people, there was only ice and water in this one).
 Had some awesome cuddle sessions with children who wake up fabulous.
Enjoyed our summer garden harvest. Okay my gardening skills are so sad. This was by far my most successful garden and all we had grow were a couple of tomatoes and a good crop of mini carrots. Oh, and one tiny cucumber. But they all tasted good and were fun to grow and even more fun to pick.
And on some of our cooler evenings (when it was only in the 90s) we even ventured out. One night we met some cousins at Cafe Rio for dinner and fountain playing. Then walked around the temple.
We ended our night with frozen custard. Until the sprinklers came on and we hauled out of there quick like. That was Peyton's favorite part and she still talks about how funny that part of the night was.
Once we got big blue off (Peyton's first cast) and instead got a cute pink waterproof cast on, we were back at the pool cooling off. Man it's a world different being in the water on a hot day. Thank goodness for modern medicine and waterproof casts.
On another fine summer evening we took my mom (for her b-day) night golfing. The entire family had a grand ole' time. My kids would not ride with Wes and me, only Nana and Boppie.
 We also spent a few nights lakeside fishing. We love that we have a lake across the street. It makes Moreno Valley very pleasant for us.
And of course took advantage of places that provide a/c and fun. Like Chick-Fila on their super hero night. I decided yet again after seeing these photos how badly I want a nice camera. Look at my Jovie girl's eyes!
Another night we headed on a triple date with some friends for yet more Cafe Rio and the Temple. This time kid free! I had to get a photo of us girls. I so enjoyed our Neapolitan look. Blonde, brunette, red-head. I am sure there are a number of jokes I could insert here.
And finally, we do our weekly library trip. Some times (most times) we are too late and get locked out of the kid story time room (lame) so my kids play on the computer. Honestly, they like doing that more. By they, I mean Peyton. Jovie just plays musical chairs and is constantly switching seats.
In August we also went to a girl in my old ward's house for her story time. She is starting a preschool and does promotional craft and story time days. They are a lot of fun!
And I guess since we don't have school until next year, our summer will keep on coming. Until it cools down and I can claim fall is here. I think it might be awhile.