Saturday, October 3, 2015

Brian Regan

Moving on from my mom's work party.......

Wes and I actually stayed at the beach and found a bathroom to change in seeing how we had a concert to attend in the area. My mom graciously took our kids home so that we could enjoy a night out.

We were meeting some friends for a comedy show in the area so it just made sense to stay out there. We just didn't know how we were going to make it happen since we all know how nasty beach bathrooms usually are. We lucked out though, that at the place where the work party was there was a nice resort across the street that we snuck in and used.

I did my hair, make-up and changed in that bathroom, which worked out nicely.

After getting all gussied up we headed out to have a fun night of laughter and fun with friends.

I totally recommend seeing Brian Regan if you haven't yet. Or at least look him up. He's hilarious and pretty clean (for everyone, not just comedians). We had so much fun!!! 

But needless to say that after a long day in the sun, and out late, we were pretty beat by the end of the night.

Mom's Work Party

This was my Mom's 2nd annual beach work party and lemme tell ya... it just got better. This year ironically, was a little less crowded. Which was shocking to me because last year was such a blast! Our kids and all the adults had the best time. In fact, my kids are still talking about it. Between the delicious all you can eat BBQ, fish tacos, hot-dogs, snow-cones, popsicles, popcorn, drinks, arcade, airbrushing and henna tattoos, and of course all the fun water toys and swimming we were busy and having fun all day. Plus they put on some dancing, games like limbo and other things the kids enjoyed and won some prizes at.

Thank you NAMM (whatever that stands for) company and especially my Mama for the good time!!!

The girls were obsessed with their butterflies for a few days after this and were devastated when they finally came off.
 But I definitely think the favorite of the day was the limbo competition. 
It was an anything goes kind of competition. Peyton shed a few tears because she didn't last as long as some cousins.
 And Jovie won a prize for being the smallest competitor. I also think she may have won the prize simply for being so cute and excitable each time she successfully came through the round.
Although I assure you she was not the only one who enjoyed this game. 
 Asher tied for first with his "crab walk" technique that was quite entertaining for all of us spectators.
My kids are seriously so happy playing with cousins. And although like I have mentioned before I don't ever have water fun photos for fear of breaking my phone, we all had a good time swimming, SUP-ping, kayaking, and just playing in the mud.
 Peyton ended the day on the slides with William and Asher. My mom asked what had happened to her bathing suit. Upon examination we found out she had torn her suit on the seams of the slide (she had said it hurt her bum) and needless to say this suit is now toast. Funny toast though... that's for sure. Who knows how long she walked around like that though?!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Beware Wild Donkeys

We saw signs like this all the time when we first moved here. We would go out on long drives looking for the "wild donkeys" and on occasion find them. That was before we learned where they always were not 5 minutes from our house.

Now everyday we take Peyton to school we find them on our short drive there. We also see remnants of them all over the grass and sidewalks leading up to the classroom. Wes and I have stopped to let the girls get a more up close encounter on occasion. Wes has even taken the girls to feed and pet the donkeys... something mom isn't too keen on.

One day we did stop to say "hi" to the donkeys. It was kind of a magical evening and we feel blessed to live in such a pretty area and be close to nature.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Much Needed

It was one of those weeks and this lady needed to be here! And I came out feeling refreshed, calm and happy. The temple really does allow me to feel the Holy Spirit and be reminded of my purpose here on Earth.
I love to see the temple.
I'm going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray.
For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I'll prepare myself while I am young;
This is my sacred duty.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beach Bonfire

Oh the memories associated with Huntington Beach at night.

Birthday parties. High School bonfires. Holding hands with Wes for one of the first times right as we started dating. Now I get to create new memories for my daughters. And what a fun night (and day actually) playing in the water and having a bonfire with good friends at night.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

PanIQ Room

Last month for my sister's b-day we headed out to L.A. to try out something new Ned had seen and wanted to try. It's a Live Escape Game. It sounds more freaky than it actually is. This is how the website describes it. "The goal is to find and use objects that help players through a range of logic and skill tasks, thereby progressively guiding them to the final puzzle, which ultimately gives them the key to escape. You are locked in a thematic environment for an hour, where your primal survival and problem solving instincts are fully utilized. You need to work in teams and use all your senses: keep your eyes on every detail in the environment searching for hints that will allow you to accomplish the mission and escape from the room!"

So basically you are locked in a room and you have to find clues, solve puzzles and games to unlock things and open things in order to get out within the hour. Our team of 6 was able to get through everything with 4 minutes left, without using any hints. The girl working said only about 10% of the people who go through do that.... we felt pretty good about ourselves, especially since we went in with very low expectations of our abilities.

I'll also say this. I would do this again in a heartbeat! We all had so much fun!

And what's a night out without ice cream? We went to a new "artisan creamery" friends of mine (from the hilarious blog Rachel Says So) rave about. It's called Neveux Artisan Creamery and sadly their freezer thing was broken so they were very limited on flavors. I am sorry to say I liked it fine, but was not crazy about it.

Parking was a "little" tight.
 Getting ready to go in.
 And trying not to panic.
 Me and my hot boyfriend getting our ice cream.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to School....Back to School

Peyton had so much fun showing us her classroom at back to school night. We had fun meeting her teacher and checking out the place that will occupy so much of our time the next few years. We shut the place down eating our snow cones and playing on the playground with a few of our friends. Yes, it's going to be fun this whole school thing.... this is my attempt at positivity.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School Feast

I've seen a lot of people do big fun fancy feasts for back to school. I didn't go too fancy this year and maybe as the kids get bigger so will our celebration. But this year we did Peyton's favorite food (long noodles/spaghetti) and acted as though Wes and I were waiters who took her order, came and poured drinks, checked in periodically and made it all very formal. I think it was fun, but Peyton didn't act like anything out of the ordinary was happening, go figure. That girl has a great imagination so I'm guessing she just thought all of nights should be like that and she acted right into it. It will be a fun little tradition that might get some more pomp and frill in years to come.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Moves

Now that summer is done, I find myself really missing it. More than I have in the past that's for sure! I still have one little darling home with me, but we are kinda home-bound lately because of half day kindergarten and our friends being gone, read Peyton being gone. Let's reminisce one more time on summer fun even though we are now totally out of chronological order shall we?

Since Peyton was a wee baby we have done the kids summer movie program at our local theater. We rarely go to the movies regularly, but during the summer it is a weekly habit the girls LOVE. Boppy joined us a lot, which made it that much better too!
 Let's just title this photo "summer shenanigans" and leave it at that. I am just happy they had this much clothing on if I am to be completely honest.
 Peyton used her $5 b-day money from Nana and Boppy to buy this hat she just had to have from the mall.
Hanging out in bathing suits just screams summer. Don't you agree?
After a fun evening of scooters and bikes, a popsicle hits just the right spot.
And we ate a lot of popsicles.
We also did a wonderful evening hike up Mt. Rubidoux with some cousins. It was beautiful and the weather sure agreed with us that night.
After waiting literally almost the whole summer, these 2 finally  got to have a true play date. They literally could not have been happier either!
In an attempt to get the last fun out of summer we went to the little gymnastic place near our home for their toddler time. Now this time neither of my kids could have been happier!
Used our summer reading program treats which included free meals from Chili's.
And without a doubt this was Jovie's favorite activity of the entire summer. Roller skating for Claire's 8th bday after her baptism. She (not exaggerating) asks to go roller "skaping" with cousins a minimum of 5 times a day, everyday since we went earlier this month. I think I will have to be taking her soon.
We also hit up the Cove Waterpark for a day where the girls again had a blast playing with friends and cousins.
(As you can see I hung with Jovie most of the day while Peyton was off with her cousins having a grand ole' time, thus the lack of her in photos).

Yes I am still a little in shock that everyday is still not summer for us.