Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The first week.............

This cute little guy is truly SUCH an easy baby!!! He eats (a lot), grunts when he wants more (no crying), poops (more than he eats--- if that's possible), poops some more, and then spends the rest of his day sleeping or hanging out contentedly the times he might be awake. He has slept on me at nights, which helps him sleep pretty well actually. The times I put him in his own bed has not been as good, but I really can't complain. As I have spent my last week and a half recovering, I have had so much time to cuddle this boy. He is truly the sweetest and I've been in heaven. He prefers to sleep on my chest the best... or Wes' of course. I just love him so much. I have also loved dressing this kid in blue. Such a new experience for me, and I love it! It has been a good, good week.

This kid is so cute and chill
 This is the new norm... they always want to be right next to him. Which is hard because they both got fevers, and snotty noses this week. Which is awesome with a brand new baby.
 We also gave him his first sponge bath, which he liked. What he hates is being undressed/naked, and even more so being lotioned. That was for sure the hardest he has cried since he has been home.
 His favorite place... sleeping in a ball on our chest.
 Such a happy, proud big sister.
 And such a happy baby
 We were visited by cousins, family and friends this week.
 Tug might be my favorite because I had no idea or clue he would love a baby so much. He typically won't give me the time of day, but he sat on my bed, just the 2 of us, for about 30 minutes just so he could be closer to the baby.
 Brody was suprisingly cute and loving too. He just kept reaching up to hold and see the baby..."baby, baby."
This sweet girl put this gift together all on her own. She is seriously the sweetest ever. I particularly enjoyed the fact she thought to bring me a Diet Dr. Pepper. Most people who have visited were sweet enough to bring me my beloved soda. :)
 This was a sweet moment. Both girls have taken on the job of reading stories to the baby every night.
 Cute girls with Nana.
 Sad we didn't get photos of everyone else who visited this week, because we were shown love by a lot of different people and it has been super sweet.

Speaking of super sweet...

Monday, May 2, 2016

While we were in the hospital

The girls had the time of their life with family members seeing 2 different movies in the theaters (The Jungle Book, and Zootopia). They were taken to an Earth Day celebration where the held bugs, lizards, and played outside. They spent the night at their cousins house... they were so, so, so excited about that. And had dinner/ice cream with their cousins on the Todd side. They didn't miss us a bit I can assure you.

Jovie's impromptu dance party
 This was right before Tate smashed his ice cream into Jovie's booty. On purpose. lol
 This was my favorite picture we got in the hospital. Why? Just check out her hand. Yes, Nana and Boppie spoiled those girls. And this was evidence. ;)

Sunday, May 1, 2016


We welcomed our first son into the world on Thursday April 21st very unexpectedly. We were all scheduled to have the c-section done on Monday the 25th. I had been busy all week with doctor appointments, blood work, and I was all scheduled to go into the hospital on Thursday to preregister, but things obviously changed.

Wednesday my friends from church threw me a surprise baby shower (I thought we were just having a girl's night in). All night at the shower I was having contractions (not painful) but pretty continuously. I got home at about 1 am and fell asleep for about an hour but woke up with very painful contractions coming every 7 minutes. I woke up Wes just to tell him what was up. I jumped into the shower to see if they would stop as I moved around, but they kept going. I probably would have gone to the hospital that night but I was worried about calling people in the middle of the night for a false alarm, so I didn't. I fell asleep around 4 am and woke up later with just mild, sporadic contractions.

As I mentioned earlier I was scheduled to go into the hospital at 9:15 that morning to preregister. Wes was planning on showing houses that afternoon and Peyton as always had school. Because of the contractions and the fact my doctor really didn't want me laboring Wes had called his mom to watch Jovie that afternoon so he could come into the hospital with me, so I could get checked out. However, I was able to register over the phone and didn't need to go in anymore. My contractions weren't consistent and so I was considering not going in, as I didn't want to be sent home and drive the 50 minutes to get there for no reason. Wes (the world's best nurse) was pretty insistent I still get checked out for my own safety... sweet little lamb. So we arranged with Sandie to watch Jovie, I had a friend of mine pick Peyton up from school and keep her until we got home, and I accompanied Wes to show the house before going out to the hospital. I continued to have contractions which again were happening every 7-10 minutes, but still not very painful. They got progressively worse as the day went, but I thought I had maybe a 10% chance of them keeping me at the hospital. I didn't think it was actual labor as I had been induced at 41 weeks with the girls, I was already scheduled a week early, and what were the odds I go into natural labor the one time I can't deliver?

We got there around 2:15, they checked me and got me connected to monitor my contractions. I was at this point dilated to a 3/4 and they told me after an hour or so that I would stay based on the fact that my contractions were coming regularly every 4 minutes. I labored for the next 3 hours... the last hour with painful contractions. I was super bugged they made me wait so long and labor so long as I had been repeatedly told that that was why I was getting a c-section (just so I wouldn't labor). I kept thinking if I had to labor I want to push this kid out. I was bugged.

FINALLY at around 5:45 they took me back to get ready for the c-section. I was so ready for the dang spinal... and relief. However, it just got worse from there. I think having had such good labor/deliveries with my girls the c-section in comparison was just awful. Maybe if it was all I had ever known, it wouldn't have been so bad... but the reality is it happened and I hated it!

I was laid on a table, unable to move my legs, my arms out next to me (a little like I was being crucified is what went through my head). My husband, still not in the room, I'm naked and being wiped down with iodine or something. They started poking me to check the numbness, and I am freaking out because I can feel things. They assure me that they are poking or pinching really hard and if it isn't painful I will be fine. But, I am kinda freaking out at this point. My husband still not in the room as they cut me open and start cauterizing my skin and the whole room starts to smell like my burning flesh. Are you freaking out yet?! I again ask they bring Wes in, which they finally do. My eyes are full of tears because it is just awful and in my mind I think "I may be done having babies." I watched my saline drip the rest of the surgery just to concentrate on something else. Wes occupied himself watching my innards become outards. I had a sweet anesthesiologist who attempted to talk to me during it, but I was still feeling too traumatized at this point.

Finally, after my body being opened with steel torture tools, being jerked from side to side, and a doctor using her forearm and full body to literally push this guy down--- he came out. Wes looked and I waited anxiously to hear what he was. His legs were crossed and when they finally uncrossed them and said "Boy" both Wes and I (again, just like with the other 2) bawled like babies.

I watched as they cleaned him, Wes cut the cord, and then they brought him over to me and laid him on my chest next to my face. With totally fogged up glasses I thought, "okay, I would be totally willing to do this again." It's amazing how much love you can have for such a bundle.

I love this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy!!!

What I'm not lovin' is c-section recovery. But Wes truly has been the best, most attentive, sweet, concerned, and sympathetic nurse a girl could ask for. And our ward and friends have so generously taken such good care of us.

I had Wes snap this "just in case" outside of the hospital. I'm 38 (3 days shy of 39) weeks.
 Waiting to see if they'll keep me... little did I know what awaited me, smiling like a fool.
 No PG versions to post of baby coming out... but here is Wes cutting the cord.
 Griffin Todd Aleman
7lbs 13oz
20.5 in
born at 6:07 pm
  My baby boy. My son.
 The girls LOVE their brother. They constantly say, "he's so cute. Look how handsome he is!"
 Jovie was exceptionally excited to meet him, and Peyton was just excited to hear if it was a him or her.
Our first family photo of 5.
 And I think it will all fall out if he stays true to "Aleman form" but look at that hair. I swooned over it!
 Daddy and his boy.
 Peyton and her brother
 Jovie and her brother


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March Airbase Airshow 2016

I was pretty stoked to see the airshow back this year being that it hasn't happened in about 4 years. My kids were as excited as I was. And the show didn't disappoint. It was pretty windy that particular day, and we could only watch robosaur from a distance since it took so long to get into the base (that was what we were most excited about). But we had fun looking at the huge military planes, watching the trick planes in the sky, and we loved the patriot planes with the colorful smoke. What we didn't enjoy was the loooooong line to get into the nastiest porto-potty I have literally ever been in. The heat. And the pressure on my pelvic bone. But, I have a wonderful husband who carried a chair around all day for his very pregnant wife. And my good friend just gave me a new stroller that the kids loved and fell asleep in. It was a great day. But, boy oh boy were we beat by the end of the day.

 We had to hold up this vest on Jovie it was just so heavy. Her knees buckled when we first put it on her. They were the cutest thing ever in these and got a few "ah's" by people passing by.
 Jovie kept asking for Wes and I to hold her even though we had the stroller. Naturally we refused, but Peyton was more than willing to hold her and carry her around.
Robosaur!!!! The girls could watch everything from a distance and loved the fact it breathed fire.
 Inside one of the big cargo planes.
 And just a cute little girl.